Moving from a Type 0 to a Type 1 Civilization
Joshua Hehe

I enjoyed reading what you shared here, you made some very astute and valid points about the archaic geopolitical ego-baggage that is “patriotism” , the need for strict regulation of the creation of organisms that are the result of rDNA technology and the need for full transparency and accountability on our path towards ‘a world without borders’.

In my response I am going to be taking a deeper look at some of the concepts that you talked about and sharing some of my own views on the topics you covered. When you find the time to read it I would enjoy hearing your thoughts on my concerns, general observations, and suggestions on how we can get ‘from here to there’.

The first concept I would like to examine is the Kardashev scale. It is a scale that focuses on gauging the energy production/consumption of a civilization but says nothing about the social/spiritual maturity of the species wielding said energy.

One could say that we (or at least several small groups of humans) have in fact achieved rudimentary weather control systems and yet the fact that stratospheric aerosol geoengineering technology can be used in conjunction with scalar and electromagnetic systems to manipulate the weather is not beneficial to humanity because that technology is being covertly utilized to further the interests of nefarious individuals.

Then there is “harnessing energy from within the planet”. One could say that as far back as 100 years ago technology was invented by people like Nikola Tesla that was able to harness energy from “within the planet” (more specifically his technology tapped into and harnessed energy from the space around us). Yet, due to the geopolitical power structure on earth being dominated by a few misanthropic banking families (one of which happened to be the financier of Tesla`s research until it became clear his inventions could provide clean and cheap energy to all) and those families wanting to perpetuate the illusion of scarcity (so that they may continue to charge a lot so that people can get a little) his inventions were suppressed. We are only now starting to see his ingenious ideas about wireless electrical transmission and “inductive” and “resonant” wireless charging enter the market, over 100 years later! Many inventors since Tesla have been successful in tapping into what some physicists call “the zero point field” with technology based on toroidal geometry, and yet these so called “free energy” devices never see the light of day because there is a geopolitical power structure on earth which is dominated/influenced by fiat currency (and those who print it). The reason for this suppression of scientific progress is that the above described transnational corporate plutocracy`s survival is dependent on artificially perpetuating the perception that petroleum energy “is the only viable option”.

So while the definition of a “type one civilization” might sound like an amazing evolutionary step forward for our civilization at first glance, I think it`s important to take an honest look at what psychology, political motivations, and belief systems would be shaping the choices of who is ‘behind the drivers seat’ of a civilization with access to 10 to the 17 watts. That brings me to the main concept you talked about that I wanted to explore in depth: “Global Government”.

We live in a time where one could argue that corporations now have more influence than national governments. This is a world where transnational banking interests have the ability to manipulate entire economies and they often end up influencing more legislation than elected officials. This video clip briefly outlines the various methods in which a transnational racketeering organization currently exerts influence beyond national borders. This group of criminals has Zero “transparency and accountability” and is actively shaping the policies of national governments which depend on the fiat currency they ‘create’. Some have described this group as a “secret government”, one which is Global in scale. As long as our economy is based in fiat currency politicians and military assets will be able to be bought, bribed and threatened by those who “print the money”. Another aspect of our current corrupt economy that is worth mentioning is the fact that over 95% of the currency globally is now digital…literally nothing more than numbers typed into a computer somewhere by those who claim the right to invent ‘money’ out of thin air without having done any work to earn it. In essence the “need (for) full transparency and accountability” will be unable to be met as long at we have a political landscape which is dominated by fiat currency. If this element of our society is not addressed then we may indeed end up with a sort of “global government”, one in which the unelected decision makers reside in the IMF, BIS and their subsidiary privately owned central banks such as the Federal Reserve of the US.

I am pointing out these nefarious aspects of humanity which seek to create a sort of “Unelected Global Government” because I want to point out the potential for a perpetuation of the same ego disease and separation mentality that is already rampant on earth (with an added essentially trivial new ‘borderless’ geo-political dynamic) which could manifest if we sought to create a “global government” with the same ‘economic architecture’ of our current system.

I am not in any way opposed to a world without borders. I do want to live in a world where we identify our selves as part of Humanity first, before anything else (rather than identifying ourselves with some arbitrary geopolitical ego identify as is commonly the case with people today). I feel that in order to create a truly global civilization that is based in symbiosis with the living planet that sustains us, has achieved ‘clean abundance’ for our energy needs, and in which peace and equality are the norm we must embrace an entirely new way of defining what it means to be a human being. Achieving that will involve teaching an entirely new value system to our children.

In our current paradigm many modern industrialized cultures take the innocence, curiosity, compassion, creativity and natural predisposition to cooperate and see their fellow humans as equal (which all children are born with) and then program most of it out of them, imposing onto their minds detrimental ego concepts such as “class”, “national pride” and fear of cultures we don`t understand.

Something that is extremely important to remember is that no child is born thinking they live in the best country on earth, that is something that is taught. And no child is born thinking their country should have the right to impose it`s will on another nation through violent coercion, that is another thing we have to program into them. Children are born loving and accepting, seeing all other humans as equals. Unfortunately as the kids get older, slowly but surely that innate loving nature is ‘beaten’ out of them, though unhealthy competitive social constructs, institutional brainwashing, and the larger pressures of a society based in fear, ego, and materialism that has swerved far off course from a path with a heart. From a young age we start selling the illusion of separation to children, through many different avenues. The geo-political ego identity of nationality, the ego and separation based concepts of organized religion, or the dis-empowering doubt based concepts of atheism. This is a system which praises competitiveness and pride, and sees humility as weakness, a system that covets intelligence and ignores compassion. These unnatural concepts are pushed onto the children, leading to the propagation of legions of fearful, egotistical, material driven adults. Those children become the policemen, the soldiers, the politicians, and their puppetmasters.

In order to heal a fractured humanity and cure a dis-eased system we must plant the seeds of hope in the wisdom of children. We need to reshape the way we raise our children, incorporating time for them to explore and enrich their inner space, and not just learn about the space around them. We need to teach them the value of learning to grow their own food and make the things they need to live a fulfilling and self sustaining life.

Through turning our focus inwardly, we see the light that shines deep inside all conscious beings, through fostering this innate light in the young ones (and re-discovering it in ourselves as adults) we can create a society where we would no longer require police, military, or weapons of violence. This would be a world where each individual would be pursuing a skill they are truly passionate about that also gives back a meaningful contribution to the community they are a part of. The weapons of fear, illusions of division (race, religion etc) and locks on doors would be a vague memory in the past… For it would be a world populated by people with their inner eye opened wide, a world where we see into others and recognize that which we have come to know in our Self, the divine spark which is the essence of all life.

Before we go seeking “global governance” in our search for a more unified and less divided humanity I feel that we must first look inward to understand the root cause of aspects of our society which are counter intuitive to our social/spiritual advancement as a species. Some these counter intuitive aspects include ‘nationalistic pride’, dependence on centralized systems, materialism, and the inaccurate view that we as conscious beings are nothing more then the result of complex biological functions.

Only after we embark on this path inward as individuals can be truly begin to undo the programming and build a stable society which exists on a world without borders. In such a society, we would be living in what most would call a “Utopia”, but it is not attainable simply by smashing institutions or ripping down fences at borders, the real work to make this new global civilization a reality is work we must do in our own inner environment.

The traditional societal structure involving a pyramid shaped hierarchy breeds corruption and should be discarded. It can and will be replaced by a world populated by Self-governed and Self aware individuals who work in peaceful collaboration towards common goals of their own free will. (See “Voluntaryism”)

Depending on someone else (whether a politician or any other individual) to lead us and do the work for us to build a better society while we live in a system that is a corrupt petroleum based plutocracy masquerading as a democracy is a waste of time and energy. Besides, this world doesn`t need any more followers, and we don`t need more political leaders either, in order to break from the old paradigm and shape a new one we need to stop seeking outside of our selves and look inward. As each of us become reacquainted with the part of our Selves that existed before we came into these bodies (and will continue to exist long after) we move into an awareness that involves Self awareness and Intuitive Discernment.

This is the realization/state of being that when embraced by enough people, can be the catalyst for rendering the current system on earth obsolete and planting the seeds for a future of peace, abundance, and equality for all mankind. For through living and embodying that knowing, each time as we look into the eyes of another human being, we don`t see a ‘canadian’, or ‘brazilian’, a ‘black person’ or a ‘white person’, or any other arbitrary programmed labels based on appearance, geography, or any kind of sectarian differences, we just see a human being. A Being that carries the same spark of divinity that we know shines brightly in our own core. With this knowing, and the common ground that such a realization and truth bridges between us, “the corporate parasites” that currently thrive on this world would no longer be able to survive. Greed and fear would have no place in the midst of those who understand who and what we truly are, and so, people could not be swayed by those manifestations of the brain nor the illusions of the ego.

The sickness of the mind that is greed and lust for power is a symptom of a society of humans who have forgotten who and what they truly are. I have yet to meet one individual who has taken the time to truly go inward and come to know their eternal spiritual Self through meditation / “stillness of mind” that is greedy, controlling or psychopathic. I think that our modern materialistic and fallacious ‘scientific paradigm’ which teaches that we are nothing more than a ‘rare cosmic accident’, molecular machines that through biochemical electromagnetic functions ‘’produce’ consciousness and self awareness is one of the main sources for the toxic behavior on earth. As long as people inaccurately view their consciousness as nothing more than a phenomenon produced by their biology, they will live in fear of the perceived finality of death (a misunderstood process). This fear of death leads them to be motivated by primal desires seek out many unhealthy distractions such as material wealth and power.

In closing I would like to emphasize the importance of several choices we can make as individuals which can help begin to lay the foundation for the peaceful world without borders that we all want to live in. I speak of a civilization on a global scale where the cultural traditions of a given region and uniqueness of the individual are cherished and appreciated for the gift they are to our world, and yet the innate Oneness of each and everyone of us to each other and living world we inhabit is an awareness that is simultaneously acknowledged, and then embodied in our every breath, step, and action on planet earth. This will be a civilization of integrity, equality, abundance, peace, creativity, symbiosis, spiritual knowing, and humility.

Self-sufficiency and Self Reliance are synonymous with a more happy, humble, passionate and creative life. As our basic survival needs become fulfilled through our own hands on work and skills it frees up a lot more time to pursue the things we are truly passionate about in life. Embracing that self sufficient lifestyle as opposed to working ‘for the man” getting a pay check of digital fiat currency, then trading it with 5 different middle men to get food, water, energy and fulfill our transportation needs really does improve not only the quality of life, but the perception of whats meaningful in one`s life. It effects our very psychological foundations as we rediscover the simple joys in life. It helps us move away from the hyper distracted over stimulated digital/chemical culture that has built up around us, allowing us to let go of greed and materialism and truly know the beauty of planting a seed in the soil, nurturing it to grow, and reaping what we sow (then teaching that to our children).

The key is Self-Sufficiency in all ways, (not just for food and energy) it includes being Self-sufficient with our source of spiritual and intellectual guidance/discernment. The age of followers and leaders, peasants and princes, worshipers and saviors, minions and tyrants etc is over. The age of Self governed and Self reliant human beings which collaborate of their own free will to leave this world a little more beautiful than it was before, is here.

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