Gavin O’Reilly
Oct 16, 2017 · 3 min read

Ireland’s Eighth Amendment — Pro-Life from a left wing perspective

In the run up to the referendum on Ireland’s eighth amendment, I am finding myself somewhat isolated from my peers.

I am an unapologetic Irish Republican, I regularly attend anti-austerity demonstrations, and I speak out constantly on how Western Imperialism has ravaged the Middle East and Africa; in essence I am your stereotypical ‘leftie’.

So therefore, in true stereotypical fashion, I should be giving my full-support to the ‘Repeal’ campaign. Well? No.

I am unashamedly pro-life; a conviction that is not based on any religious dogma, but science.

It is irrefutable fact that at the moment of conception, a new life is created, one that already has its own unique DNA and gender.

It is an objective fact that this new life is human, not a ‘clump of cells’. I utterly reject the idea that the determining factor of this humanity is based on whether the child is wanted or not.

Amongst those deemed to be ‘Left-wing’ however, this is very much a minority position, and expressing it in these circles often leads to calls of ‘misogynist’, ‘bigot’ and bizarrely ‘pro-Capitalist’ (the irony of George Soros and Chuck Feeney donating millions to the Irish pro-abortion lobby seems lost on these people).

Ironically, these labels are what exactly what I and other left-wing pro-lifers would use to describe those who want Abortion on demand.

What, after all, could be more misogynistic than sex-selective abortions that almost exclusively target unborn female children?

And what could be more bigoted than the disproportionately high amount of black and latino children aborted in US clinics?

Many who wish for Abortion on demand would describe themselves as ‘anti-fascist’, yet Iceland’s abortion regime, which has effectively seen the wholescale extinction of Down Syndrome babies, can hardly be described as anything other than a horrifying display of eugenics that Hitler would have been proud of.

The argument that children from disadvantaged backgrounds deserve to be aborted so they don’t experience poverty horrifies me also, even more so when I hear it being espoused by so-called ‘Socialists’ who profess to care for the working-class so much.

Essentially, I view Abortion as a far-right concept, intended to remove those from society deemed to be unworthy, in this case working-class children and children with disabilities.

Amongst a large amount of my contemporaries this reasoning sometimes falls on deaf ears, and in a strange turn of events I sometimes find myself in agreeance with people on the issue who more than likely would have no time for the rest of my politics, as I would with theirs.

Despite this, I stand by my principles and continue to espouse the pro-life message, having proudly taken part in the All-Ireland Rally for Life this year with other pro-life Republicans, something that I will continue to do so in years to come, along with the rest of my efforts in trying to create a just-society; one where the rights of all citizens are guaranteed and respected, where it would be unthinkable to kill your own child for convenience’s sake, and where we genuinely do ‘cherish all the children of the nation equally’.

Gavin O’Reilly

Written by

Republican and social activist from Dublin, Ireland. Secretary of Dublin Anti-Internment Committee.

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