The Coward: A Book Born on Medium

Gavin Paul

Hi Medium,

I’m excited to announce that The Coward, a collection of essays, has been published and is now available. Here’s the official description:

In this collection of short, personal essays, Gavin Paul explores a range of topics, including fatherhood, gun control, terrorism, death, imagination, the heroic models of perseverance offered to him by his grandparents, and a quiet longing for the past that is “all around you, just out of reach.” Above all, Paul seeks to understand the pains and pleasures of a life devoted to reading. From recollections of the formative books of his childhood, to reflections on reading outdoors and the unique wonders of rereading, to memories of his daughter reading for the very first time, these essays recognize that reading’s great gift is also its curse: “it is always, in its essence, an act of solitude.” Beginning with a haunting dream of murderous obsession and ending with an image of familial love, the collection thus seeks, in Paul’s words, “to both celebrate my solitude and attempt to overcome it.”

Many of these pieces first appeared here on Medium, and the encouragement and feedback I received from readers and editors has been life-changing. I’ve been lucky to have some of the pieces featured, including “The Joys of Rereading,” “My Father’s Guns,” “My Last Game,” and “Near Tanch’on”.

Through Medium, I’ve connected with so many different voices and perspectives. After every visit, I leave Medium hungry to become a better reader, writer, and thinker. This book wouldn’t exist without my experiences on this platform.

Anyway, it’s available here:
THE COWARD (Paperback)

THE COWARD (Kindle E-book)

I think I found my heart in writing this book — I hope you will find something in it too.



Gavin Paul

Written by

English Professor. Author of "Conspiracy of One," a small book of short stories, and “The Coward," a collection of essays.

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