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6 Tips To Organise A Conference

It is an evident fact that promoting business with right set of people is the sure fire way to attract more and more people. Many people promote their business by arranging conferences, exhibitions or trade fairs.

Since conferences portray an image of the brand, it is necessary that you arrange for the best services in the market. If you are hosting a conference for the very first time, then approach an expert and follow the below mentioned tips:

  1. Plan Early: As soon as the date is confirmed, start looking for the venues. If you are organising conferences in peak season like closing of the financial year, finding an appropriate place may become troublesome. If you are organising a conference where there are more than 200 attendees, then book the venue as early as 14 months.
  2. Select a Place: If your guests are travelling from far off places to attend your conference, then ensure that you select a place where the bus terminals, airports or railway stations are close.
  3. Theme Planning: Plan a theme that is formal and at the same time matches the standard of all the attendees. Try to choose a theme that conveys the message of your brand and promotes your services.
  4. Distribute The Responsibilities: Planning a conference is not an easy feat and you wouldn’t be able to shoulder all the responsibilities on your own. Therefore, form a committee. Select members in such a manner that one is expert in budgeting, one in programming, one in networking while one in managing public relations.
  5. Set A Budget: Make a list of all the things that you will be needing to organise a conference. Don’t forget to count the expense of speakers, accommodation, if your guests are coming from overseas, gifts for volunteers and stationery. Try to arrange donors for specific items if possible. Plan a budget flexible enough to accommodate last minute expenses.
  6. Publicize The Event: Promote the conference on variety of platforms possible. Select the promoting platform according to the niche of your business. Once the speaker is decided, send out the bulletin.

Draft a small registration form that require only the basic details. Be prepared for last minute changes. Following all these tips seems overwhelming, right? If you don’t have time to pay attention to all the details minutely then approach Gavin Rajah.

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