As I’ve let people know on other PizzaGate discussions, I came to this from the far-left.
Brett Denbow

No. It is not about alt-right or conservative vs. liberal. What it is is bias disguising itself as news. The notion that Clinton and Alefantis run a child abuse ring out of a family pizza restaurant is preposterous, yet, despite numerous police inquiries and statements to the contrary (and now this incident), there are still numerous people who believe the rumours to be true. The fact of the matter is, those people who are willing to believe this story only believe this story because it confirms their bias against Clinton (be they for whatever reason). At this point, his opponents are willing to believe any story that affirms their dislike for Clinton and any evidence that opposes that view simply gets shrugged off as “MSM bias” or “that’s what they want you to believe.”

As for one portion of your statement that says “When Pizzagate proves to be true, everyone who wrote about it inadequately will have egg on their face,” I would like to know if that same egg will be on the face of those who adamantly believe Pizzagate to be true without a shred of credible evidence? What would it take to convince those believers that the rumours are unfounded?

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