Dash Wirex Partnership

Gavriel Shaw
Oct 2, 2017 · 2 min read

Wirex welcomes Dash as a strategic partner this week.

Our Development teams will soon begin the work of integrating a full-featured Dash wallet inside the Wirex personal finance platform. This will be the first ‘altcoin’ wallet available to Wirex customers via our mobile app.

Wirex users can look forward to better exchange rates for buying and using Dash. Dash users can look forward to added exchange liquidity along with the new global contactless payment cards recently announced on the Wirex website blog.

Dash needs no introduction to the crypto community; it is the 7th largest crypto by market cap to date, with $54 million Dash traded daily, and $2.5 billion held within the Dash system.

Adding Dash to Wirex will support Dash in becoming an increasingly popular everyday payment instrument around the world.

This aligns perfectly with our cherished company value here at Wirex of accelerating mainstream adoption towards a true cryptocurrency-based global economy.

Having survived the challenges of an early-startup within the emerging sub-niche FinTech blockchain market, we have quietly set an industry precedent by laying down wholly-owned infrastructure for consumer services, merchant solutions and liquidity providers.

The original Wirex business model was for a direct bitcoin transaction payment card, useful ‘anywhere Bitcoin is accepted’.

Well, market adoption has been a little slower than we hoped.

We also recognise the brilliance of many ‘altcoin’ projects and welcome some level of partnership with any honest projects focused on real-world solutions, driven by committed and technically savvy teams.

SBI Investments which funded Wirex with $3million earlier in 2017 is working on a cryptocurrency exchange with deep roots in the Japanese economy where cryptocurrencies are recognised as legal tender. Our new legal entity and continued growth in Japan will help increase adoption of Dash throughout the fast growing Japanese customer base.

For crypto investors; we expect this partnership to support the continued rise in Dash far beyond the current $300 level.

We’re looking forward to bringing both Wirex and Dash customers the benefits of a fully featured Dash wallet and contactless payment cards manageable inside your Wirex app.

Gavriel Shaw

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