The big goal for any startup: Product. Market. Fit.

But when should it happen?

By what sequence of controllable, measurable, strategically placed steps should a tech startup anticipate PMF?

Over the past few years I came to realise a crucial distinction has remained obscure for a majority of founders, product people, and marketing people.

A topic I began to explore in a previous article, saying:

Many entrepreneurs believe so strongly in the simple vision of their ‘product’, that they neglect the common sense due-diligence of proper customer and market validation.


Yet since 80%+ of startups fail to reach PMF…


  • Sins of Blockchain Business
  • Myopia Is The Killer Trap
  • Comprehensive Value Propositions
  • Product Planning Framework
  • Modern Business Models

Sins of Blockchain Business

The blockchain startup scene is committing the same business sins as established industries…

Things like:

  • Building unproven products with high development costs — then praying for product-market fit.
  • Not having a revenue model tied to current market trends.
  • Failing to involve customers early enough when planning the product roadmap.
  • Expecting early adopters to become brand champions rather than honest critics.
  • Falling in love with a technology rather than a customer problem.
  • Focusing on features rather than people or process.

But what…

Just like Software Development, the Marketing function has gone through a huge evolution over the past 10 to 15 years…

In Software Development we now have Front-end and Back-end, DevOps, Scrum Masters, Product Owners and Managers, and so on.

So how about Marketing?

Is it just Channel Managers, Brand Managers, and mythical unicorns known as ‘growth hackers’… who supposedly have the magical creativity to make all previous marketing tactics obsolete with ‘viral’ campaigns?

Today there are three main branches of a full marketing function.

And I will reveal them to you right now before your very eyes...

FIRST, Channel Marketing

On Jan 6 I published this idea on TradingView, “Short-Term Bullish Breakout for Bitcoin”:

It popped nicely to the upside, hovered for a few days, then dropped way back down.

This is a primer for anyone new to cryptocurrency trading.

It is NOT intended as investment advice, other than ‘caveat emptor’ — buyer beware! I will try to give a valuable set of ideas, observations, principles, and warnings to help beginner-to-intermediate crypto traders.

This article will evolve into a comprehensive series over the coming months, possibly next few years. For updates, follow me on Medium, and on Twitter.

Who am I?

I got interested in cryptocurrency in 1996. Yes it existed back then, at least the concept of it.

J Orlin Grabbe was an early cryptographer, economist and rugged individualist. …

Over the past few years I’ve been asked countless times about how to get started with bitcoin and crypto.

There’s a tremendous amount of horse-shit out there on the big wide web; including naivety and fraud.

Having worked in the crypto industry for several years, and a bitcoin buyer since 2013, here’s all the info I would share with friends and family to help get them started...

The Beginners Guide to Cryptocurrency for 2018 - 2019

Gavriel Shaw,

First things first..

Disclaimer: Nothing herein is intended as financial advice. It is for educational purposes only. Any actions taken are your own full responsibility. Money can be made or…


Governments fear it. Banks tried to ignore it. Teenage developers are building it in their basements and bedrooms.

The cryptocurrency industry has given us the tools to decentralize all manner of services; from cargo logistics to financial accounting.

But there’s a very significant hurdle to overcome before the largest economic boom in human history can take place.


To buy or sell crypto, you either deal with an OTC trading desk at a big firm (if you have that kind of moola), or you open an account on an exchange and trade with your fellow man. …

“Bitcoin?! But you can’t spend it!”, they said.

If you’re new to the world of b-commerce...

(yes it stands for bitcoin commerce)

…you’ll be forgiven for thinking that bitcoin is

‘digital gold, a store of value, but it can not be used as cash’.

It’s a trendy belief as of mid-2018.

And unfortunately it’s half right...

Some retailers who began accepting bitcoin in recent years have cancelled their bitcoin payment checkout feature.


But why?

Is bitcoin really more like ‘fools gold’ than ‘digital gold’?

Au contraire mon ami.

How Bitcoin Is Being Spent In The Real World

Bitcoin was originally intended for use as digital cash.

To work…

Millions of Facebook users personal data was harvested for commercial and political purposes via 3rd party apps.

Despite accepting Facebook T&Cs I doubt any user would have given such unbridled permission had they really understood the implications.

Where do we draw the line between ‘unethical consumer manipulation’ vs ‘creating a quality user experience’? Or ‘legal T&Cs’ vs ‘breach of social trust’?

We need more regulation, cry the lobbyists!

But what form of ‘regulation’ really counts…

…And do YOU, personally, even care?

Perhaps not unless you become the target of identity theft, public humiliation, blackmail, political manipulation, or chronic social media…

Until now a bank was the obvious place to keep your cash… despite the bad publicity banking gets around:

  • Failed systemic stress tests
  • Suicide jumper scandals or
  • Over-leveraged default risks leading to bank runs (LBVA Feb 2018)…

But change is in the air.

“It will no longer do to try to make the old paradigm of finance and banking work. … That’s what banks are trying to do and it just won’t work.” — Irving Wladawsky-Berger, former Chief Scientist at IBM and Citigroup Strategic Advisor

That’s right, banking as we’ve known it is toast.

For personal reasons (such as financial…

Gavriel Shaw

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