Chapter 13

Before I start- I would like to thank my bestest friend EVER- Singum!She started writing a fanfic of Misfit 17- after reading it I asked permission to use it. She was surprised but said yes so here is her quite AMAZING fanfic!!!

One day there was a pig and it learned to fly -By Agnes.

Sula read the note aloud to me.

“ She has a surprise for you, go meet her in the kitchen.” I smiled and followed her there. I just wanted to see her reaction.

“Hey! You got my note!” Agnes screamed and came over.

“Ouch, my ears. Also my head! Why so early in the morning?” Sula chewed her gum louder.

“SHE GOT YOU A HOVER BOARD!” Flame yelled from the bathroom down the hallway her mouth full of toothpaste unable to contain herself.

“FLAME!!!” Agnes and. I yelled back.

“Ah…” Sula said and I could tell she was smiling inside

“I also have a crazy idea. It includes rope, a hover board, and flying.” Flame ran into the kitchen in her pajamas jumping up and down.

“Let’s hear it, Sister.” Sula laughed, a smirk forming on her face.

“Woah woah woah woah! Hold up kids- what are you two up to?” Agnes inquired tapping her fingers on the kitchen island. Literally it was a glass tank. and in it was a little aquarium with sand and fish. (My idea 🙂)

Sula and Flame run off laughing and popping jokes in their conversation. It was nice to see everyone getting along and having a good time. Agnes sprinted after them.

“Come back here!”

Meanwhile Lethe was in the kitchen drinking Sprite for breakfast.

“Seriously… Sprite?” Rose took a can and looked at it, her palm wet and cold.

“Yes. Yes Sprite.”

“Okay.” I sat down on a stool.

Then lights started flashing and the alarm blared.

Lethe jumped, his soda can now rolling on the kitchen floor. Agnes wouldn’t be happy. Sprite and the kitchen floor did not get along. Suddenly my legs came to life and I ran into the control room, Lethe on my heels.

“What happened? Rose?” Lethe entered the control room after me looking frantically around to help.

“It needs a driver, it can’t function on its own.” I flicked the gas lever and the coral carbon monoxide button and Lethe just grabbed a pole for his dear life. In a hurry I pushed the pulser button so it would tell us how far up we are to planet level.

“Rose you’re doing it wrong! Rose give me the lever!” Lethe yelled and held on to my hand. I knew what I was doing.

“Lethe stop!” I screamed and with my free hand I pointed to the meters on the wall. We are going to fall.

Five minutes later I searched for Lethe’s hand. I found it and let out a sigh of relief.

He crashed us. I don’t know how to fix this. We will fail again. We won’t be able to get there in time- we won’t even be able to try to save the next planet! Because Lethe! He doesn’t even apologize? Also where did he get that stupid Sprite?


Lethe just turned around and crossed his arms. I went to find everyone else. But I warned if he moved I would make the Sprite spill seem simple to clean. In other words I would beat him into pulp.

“Agnes? Sula? Flame? Where are you?!” I found them in the kitchen. Flame and Sula were crowded around something, when I looked over their shoulder Agnes was laying down.

“She tripped when she was running after us… and she…” Flame and Sula were on the verge of tears. “She fell and hit her head and she hasn’t moved since.” I looked at my little sister-she was tan in comparison to me, her arms were by her sides as if had fell like a pencil.

“Well, she is still breathing- take her to the hospital wing and go to the control room. I have to deal with something.”

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