Chapter Ten

“Agnes, can you train Lethe?” I really just didn’t want to be around him- he was annoying.

“Fine!” I knew that she liked him- that’s why I asked her.

“Sula could do it.”

“True- you can work with his powers, Sula can work on his physical power.”

“I am fine with that.” Sula must have been eavesdropping. I just waved her off. “Either way- he’s cute!”

“You are crazy Sula.” I snarled. Agnes and Sula walked away. Leaving me to the control room. Lethe still hadn’t told us the next planet and it was getting on my nerves- maybe on of the girls could get something out of him.

I walked out of the control room and down the hall. I. must have been in deep thought because I didn’t see Lethe in front of me until I was levitating an inch above the ground on my back. I used my power to stand up and crossed my arms and gave him the best-”someday I will kill you.” Then I walked away to my bedroom where I just lay down and slept- too tried to think.

I think I woke up at two in the morning- but you never know here in space. The only thing I could think to do was train. I lightly jogged down the hall to the training room. What I saw there though scared me half to death.

Lethe was on his knees and looked like he was praying. He then got up and walked to the weapon area- where you get your weapons. He grabbed a short sword and practiced jabbing and hitting with a practice dummy. I walked in and leaned against the wall watching him.

“The sword is to short for you.” I yelled across the room. His reaction was priceless- he leaped three feet in the air and screamed like a little girl. I walked over to the weapon area and grabbed my favorite weapon- well it is actually weapons. It was two curved swords that I could somehow use. “Try these.” I mumbled throwing my curved swords to him. He used them perfectly using them as I would- but they were still to short. I grabbed the longest pair and switched them.

“Thanks- I have never used these.”

“Well you don’t seem clueless to me.” Then I attacked. Our blades were different metal I noticed- his of Gold mine of Obsidian. They would hit and cause sparks. He was a natural- just like me. But that doesn’t mean he beat me. By the end I had him at sword point. We both had cuts all over- but we laughed as we fought this was simple for us. Cuts can heal.

Then we worked with our given powers. It was his controlling powers (which we recently figured out) against my wind and storm. He was still a weakling but was ok. My power was stronger though. He would get stronger but now he is weak.

“Focus on controlling me, if you can control your powers you have the advantage!” It sounded weird but it seemed to help him focus. I conjured up a small tornado and focused on pushing him to the ground. He sank to his knees but slowly got back up again- my power was decreasing like someone was putting a gigantic hand over the magic.

“Keep going increase your power- decrease mine!” I had to yell now. His hand flew out and grabbed something invisible, turned it, pulled it close to him and jutted it out towards me.

“Ahhhh!” I flew backwards against the wall- my magic fading. My levitation was the last to give thankfully- it cushioned my fall then let me go. My back slammed softly against the ground but my head was not so lucky. I heard screaming and footsteps but that’s all. Then it went


I am so sorry this took so long- I had MAJOR writing block. Hope you LOVED IT! I will be posting Chapter twelve soon!


Michael V. Ivanov

Gail Boenning

Shaunta Grimes

Mitch Goldfarb

Linda Caroll

Cristian Randieri, Phd

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