Looks like a hug, it’s close like a hug, even smells like a hug. But it’s far from a hug…….

I paid for this training, but I didn’t sign up for hugs!

Best part of my day:

Teaching class at Guildford.

Worst part of my day:

Standing by feeling helpless when my wife needed me most.

What did I learn today?

During a meeting with 2 wise women who work involves supporting victims (women) of domestic violence. I realised a distinction between paying for a class and what one signs up for.

To give you a little background. I give my time on a weekly basis to people and agencies that could use my skills. Specifically I share my knowledge and experiences in Kung fu and Tai Chi. I do this voluntarily and at this moment, I give 5 classes each week. I’m currently working towards a program of tai chi for clients of a local not for profit agency that works exclusively with women.

So during our conversations around my proposal and idea, I clarified an experience I had been forming around the different people I meet teaching in my Academy.

One of the wise women said to me after I had shared my finding ……

“are yes, there’s a difference between what you pay for and what you’ve signed up for”.

I thought, wow, that’s intriguing.

Yes, that’s right. What we pay for forms a contract. An agreement of what the suppler is responsible for and equally what the purchaser is expected to receive. BUT, what we sign up for is something else!

You see, learning a traditional martial art hurts. It hurts on many levels not just physically. Sometimes it hurts and triggers us mentally and emotionally.

I expect that a student is genuine and transparent (which requires authenticity) when it comes to learning, practising and journeying. One may have paid for membership to the academy, but the skills don’t just get downloaded via wifi over night (as it does for Neo). As a matter of fact, it is a mutual relationship, as it takes an investment on both our parts.

It’s OUR journey.

This is the relationship in learning. Like me you probably see that it exists in all relationships.

For instance, I experience on a daily basis…. the give and take, the investment, the vulnerability and the courage needed in the relationships I have with my darling wife and children.

Now, with the help of the wise women, I have a clear distinction and dialogue that helps me not only as a teacher but equally as a student.

So, what’s hugs got to do with it? Sorry, that’s confidential. You just had to be there.

I’m so grateful for having this conversation today.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Thanks for sharing.

On target, 22 Yilus today.

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