with my Master, Chen Zhonghua in Bali 2016

“What’s your style?” Bruce Lee

This morning I had a very interesting conversation with a fellow Ging Mo’er.

Ric manages a food outlet and had a very intense experience last week. An emotion filled interaction between to staff members who were connected by a relationship with the same female friend.

Very heated.

Lots of threatening to physical violence to the point that both men were caught up in the whole emotion of the human survival instincts (fight, flight or freeze).

Ric, who is a mild and of average height and build describes the men as tall, strong and certainly overwhelmingly powerful if he was to contest either of them.

Well in short I really admire Ric as he stepped up to managing the raw emotions within the workplace.

The statement in his whole story that really resonates with me is this…..

“Si Fu, I asked myself the question ‘what type of leader do I want to be’. I could easily terminated the staff member who is inappropriately threatening a fellow staff member, but I’m aware that my actions will also set the tone for the rest of the team. I questioned whether reacting with immediate termination would tell the team that I have the biggest stick and should any of them cross me then ‘look out’”.

So Ric proceeded to sit both gents down and talk out the situation with each. It sounds like he gave them both equal opportunity to share and honoured each equally. He asked questions to the staff member who initiated the treats what he felt was going on? This seemed to trigger him to reflect and it sounds like from my understanding that the staff member thought that he might still be at the effect of having participated in an amateur boxing competition just a few days prior.

Ric did terminate his employment, however it wasn’t at the response of ultimatums of “either he goes or I go”. It wasn’t to wheel a big stick in the name of punishment.

It seems to be from a place of compassion and integrity.

Wow, I too am currently working through a very difficult situation.

After having heard Ric’s story, I’m thinking twice about my current response plan.

How do I honour both parties and myself and maintain integrity?

How do I allow the natural consequence to prevail without my intervention?

How do I do all this and be with the uncomfortable feelings too?

Big questions.

What’s your reflection?

Thanks for sharing.

Off to Bali in the morning to attend Master Chen Zhonghua Workshops and learn.

On track, 20 Yilus today.


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