The Heineken Ad Is Worse Than The Pepsi Ad, You’re Just Too Stupid To Know It
The DiDi Delgado

I hadn’t seen the ad before reading this. Watching it from my “liberal, progressive” perspective it seemed to me that the close-minded conservatives in the ad were bound to have their minds changed — especially the trans-phobic and sexist guys. It’s not like the transgender lady was going to start hating herself because of this dude or the feminist was going to put herself down because of her match, right?

And the criticism is hateful about the process of getting conservatives to come around, which is counterproductive, however hateful we feel towards them. As recently as last week I have seen that same hate directed at a progressive candidate in my neighborhood for not being pure enough for voters by commenting on right wing hate group blogs (mostly for trying to steer the conversation a bit rather than lecturing them).

Along the lines of the Bernie Bros phenomenon (which was fueled by Russian hackers paid by Putin) I’m feeling the Far Left have become hysterical, fanatical puritans, and if you challenge that you are immediately branded one of the bad guys. This exclusive strategy mathematically ensures that it will remain as small a group as possible, and therefore ineffectual — which is not OK with me, because climate change is real and the disenfranchised deserve support and justice.

We need more people on the Left, not fewer. “Mainstream, sellout,” cis-gender Hillary Clinton wanted to make childcare and colleges more affordable for people. She was going to uphold Obama’s climate change rules for industry. And she sure as hell wasn’t going to attack Planned Parenthood or nominate a Republican to the Supreme Court to uphold Citizens United. If that was all she managed to do in eight years it would have been fine with me.

But the Far Lefties still hate her and hate the likes of me who were happy to vote for her after she won the Democratic nomination. I don’t even have a problem with the “out of touch” Democrats who get $400K for speeches. (What are they going to spend the money on? An international charitable foundation? Raising the next generation of Democratic leaders? Those f***ing elitists.)

I have to put “progressive liberal” in quotes when I refer to myself now. My tenure as that is being questioned by everyone except for f***ing Republicans. I applaud anyone who can manage to choke down a beer with them, even people who would otherwise call me stupid for disagreeing with them. Cheers.

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