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Hi folks,

Today, I’m gonna talk about how we can limit multiple active user sessions in WSO2 Identity Server.

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Limiting Multiple Active User Sessions

Why though?

Let’s take a simple use-case. Assume, you want to limit the number of maximum active user sessions for any user belonging to the admin role. How can we achieve this?

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The latest version of WSO2 IS facilitates the above mentioned requirement. There are two approaches that we can take.

  • Using the Active Sessions Limit handler
  • Using adaptive authentication JavaScript functions

Now, I’ll walk you through both of these approaches.

1. Using the Active Sessions Limit handler

Step 1: Configure a Service Provider (e.g. Travelocity, Pickup Dispatch) in WSO2 Identity Server. You can refer to the official documentation form here. For the purpose of this demo, I have configured the Pickup Dispatch application as a Service Provider. …

Hi Everyone,

Welcome to the second episode of my GSoC 2019 project.

In this episode, I’m going to discuss how I implemented the trigger function for AWS S3 backend in Gemstash. Basically, this trigger function will be called when a user switches the “backend” property in Gemstash to AWS S3.

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Step 1: Adding the AWS SDK to Gemstash

In order to use AWS services in Gemstash, aws-sdk for Ruby must be added to the project. Hence, aws-sdk gem has been added to the Gemfile.

Step 2: Implementing authentication for AWS

Mainly, there are two ways (There’s also an option to specify credentials at the client level which is not considered for this implementation) that we can use to authenticate the AWS SDK for Ruby. …

Hi folks,

It’s been a while since I published my last Medium article about the epilogue of My GSoC 2018 project. Today, I’m writing my first medium article about my GSoC 2019 project. First, let me start with an introduction to the project.


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Basically, Gemstash is a cache for remote servers such as Gemstash can also be used as a private gem source.

So what’s the problem…?

Presently, Gemstash is only able to store private gems directly on disk. …


Gayashan Bombuwala

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