Chartered Accountancy: A Bright Career Option!


In today’s scenario, every business requires the support of a chartered accountant in some or the other way. A role of a CA in any organization can be described as:

  • Developing an effective accounting system
  • Thorough analysis of accounts
  • Reviewing accounting records
  • Preparation of annual accounts and cost accounting
  • Making budget evaluations
  • Evaluation of current funding trends
  • Building relationships with financial institutions
  • Managing the taxation process
  • Preparing the final reports of all tax returns

As the role of a CA is very crucial in any organization, a large number of career opportunities are there in the chartered accountancy field. Several companies are coming up with CA jobs for appointing the right person who can perform multiple tasks for their company and help in enhancing the profits.

So, the career in chartered accountancy is surely the bright one. Those who like to make their career in this field, the below mentioned information can be very useful for you:

How to start preparing for CA Course?

The course for CA is basically divided into three parts:

  • Common Proficiency Test (CPT)
  • Integrated Professional Competence Examination (IPC)
  • Final Exam

Besides, there is a simultaneous training period of 3 years in which the student is required to obtain training under a qualified chartered accountant on various practical aspects.

Let’s go into the details of the above mentioned courses, If you are interested in enrolling for the CA course after XIIth, you are required to appear for the CPT exam that held twice every year, most probably in the month of June and December. Before submitting the exam form for CPT, first of all you must register yourself for CPT. Also, it is mandatory to provide the mark-sheet of your XIIth class.

After appearing for CPT, if you clear the exam, the next level comes into the picture, which is IPC exam. After registering for IPC, you need to pursue a 9 month study course that will make you eligible for appearing in IPC exam. This exam also held twice in a year in the month of May and November. After clearing this exam too, you must go for a 100 hour ITT course and 35 hour orientation course before starting your 3 years of article-ship training.

After a successful completion of all these stages, you can now register yourself for the final examination. This exam also held twice a year in the month of May and November. If you managed to clear this this exam and all the training programs, you’ll be awarded a CA’s degree by ICAI.

So, this is the whole process that you need to follow in order to become a chartered accountant.

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