Qualifications and Skills Required for Database Administration Job

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A database administrator or (DBA) is an IT professional whose job is very crucial in any organization. He is the person who is liable for taking care of entire processes related to database management in an organization. The various responsibilities comes under this job includes installation, configuration, upgrading, administrating, system monitoring, integrity and security of databases. Development and design of database strategies is one of the most important role of a DBA.

However, the role of a DBA may vary depending on the type of database, processes and the capabilities of the database management system. It’s the job of a DBA to make certain that the data which he is handling is:

· Persistent across the database

· Clearly defined

· Accessible to the users in a form that suits their requirements

· Protected under data security and recovery control

Qualification for Database administrator:

In the current scenario, there are lots of database administrator jobs are coming up with better career opportunities. If you want to start your career as a database administrator, generally you need to have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or management information systems. Other than this, you can also opt for a certification program like Oracle or Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) for entering into this field.

Skills required to become a database administrator:

Although educational qualification plays an important role to become a database administrative, there are also certain skills that can avail you a better place into this career. These skills can be categorized as:

Technical skills: Theses skills are vital to become a database administrator. A DBA must possess a great level of technical skill to work with the computers that contains all the important data. He/she must have a thorough understanding of computers, how data is stored and recovered and most essentially how to form computer databases. In case any technical problem arises through database design or malfunctioning, the DBA should be able to solve it by ensuring no or minimal data loss.

Organizational skills: Organization skill is a must to become a DBA. As per the organization’s needs, it is the responsibility of the DBA to manage different types of small or large databases. A data which is organized in a proper way is easy to access and leads to an enhanced database performance. Thus, it is imperative to organize not only the data, but also the procedures such as backup and recovery that may affect a database.

Interpersonal skills: As a database administrator, you need to work in different types of work environments with different people in an organization. In order to work efficiently and providing the appropriate database solutions, a DBA is required to communicate with the programmers and systems technicians. Thus, you must possess a good communication skill so as to ensure that the data requirements of users are met properly without any hassle.

Reading and writing skills: Along with excellent communication skills, it is also necessary to have a good reading and writing skills. These skills will help you to communicate the key points clearly to a particular audience. If a DBA is good at writing and reading, he’ll be able to understand well the technical documents and other communication and at the same time can provide the appropriate recommendation and documentation.

Bottom Line

Database administrator is perhaps the most exciting yet challenging job. A DBA needs to be proficient in his skills and should be able to handle all the related tasks with ease.

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