Sometimes its good to not have an opinion about things especially people!!

Judging? No not I…Happy realisation but you do!!!!

Disclaimer: This article is a general view around this concept of being judgemental and doesn't intend to hurt anyone’s sentiments.(If it does, good for you!)

How can he? How could she? Oh man! That ill-fitting dress! Had she behaved this way…probably this wouldn’t happen with her or had he taken that decision he would have been in a better position today! So much of blabbering already or should I say so much of judging. We live in a world filled with such people who do nothing but form an opinion about someone who they don’t even know much about. Frankly, I have been one such judgemental person. ‘How can she propose a guy??!! Gosh! She must be insane. I wouldn’t have done that’ was one of the most foolish and biased statement made by me some years back. Here comes another one, ‘what are these guys up to? 6 months into their first job and they quit?!!Why? Why can’t they adjust? Losers!’ Seeing my current situation I would like to borrow a pillow and dig myself into it waiting to get disappeared because these insane and loser stuff are very much the dialogues said by me in the recent past and the best part is life slaps you hard in the face when you are in a bad state and your friend makes you realise that, “see this is what you had said and this is exactly what you have done now!” You may still have your reasons, your arguments but trust me, kindly throw it in the dustbin because the reality is that you in your life have many times lost your valuable time and energy gossiping and forming opinions about others which has done no good to you but has just given you a satisfaction that you are in a better position than them and is a feel good factor.

How much do we know about ourselves that we try and show that we know so much about someone and judge them for their actions?! ‘Life throws lemons’ at everyone, I pray not but your day could come too. This article is not to preach that it’s wrong to judge but it’s to just create an awareness that we tend to do such things unintentionally in our course of life. I understand some bunch of nut heads exist and you can’t help but discuss them, which is fine absolutely fine. At the same it is also important to look at the mirror and ask yourself what you would do had you been in their position, if the answer satisfies your conscience trust me you are doing it the right way. I just pray and hope that someday we would stop making someone a target and a butt of joke for our entertainment which is a very shameful act, to become friends only because you share a common hatred towards a certain someone, how low can we stoop. It’s time to realise, it’s time we become aware.!!!!

And to all those who have been judged and mocked, ‘You are perfect with your imperfections’