On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

This is one of the most “intellectually dishonest” things I have read and it is hilarious that as “intellectually dishonest as you are, that is your go to. Bernie Sanders only passed 3 bills in his career..that is all you have to say while making fun of things like naming post offices? Here are the 3 Hillary got passed. Should I lie and say that is all she got done while falsely claiming at one time I was kind of maybe leaning towards her? Here ya go and note the Post Office:

S. 1241: A bill to establish the Kate Mullany National Historic Site in the State of New York. Bush signed the bill Dec. 3, 2004.

S. 3613: A bill to name a post office the “Major George Quamo Post Office Building.” Bush signed the bill Oct. 6, 2006.

S. 3145: A bill to designate a highway in New York as the Timothy J. Russert highway. Bush signed the bill July 23, 2008.

Not very compelling is it? Is that all she got done besides voting for the bankruptcy bill, the Iraq War and the Patriot Act? Those are the kind of things that happen when she compromises. When it is her and Bill in the White House, it is things like NAFTA, welfare reform and overturning Glass Steagall. What they define as compromise is called selling out in the real world and every time they do it it is the citizens of this country who are anally and painfully probed.

Bernie Sanders has accomplished a lot of great things in Congress and was named the Amendment King because of his ability to work with both sides to get something done…like adding an amendment to get $11 billion to community health clinics so that people who couldn’t afford ACH could still get medical treatment. Could give you a very long list which you should have seen in all of the research you claim you did. Which brings me to your next ludicrous and intellectually dishonest statement about the Sanders campaign spin on Hillary and constant character assassinations …did you manage to type that with a straight face? What has been said about her that is not true? What is upsetting me is what is not said about her or even followed up on after she outright lies like she did in the NYDN interview about what happened in Honduras and her disgusting role in that. I really did admire her at one time and that was my delusional stage. I could not believe she supported welfare reform after her “it takes a village” song and dance (which has done far more damage to poor women and their children than anything she claims to have done for them) and the kiss of death as far as I was concerned was when she voted for the Iraq War. How in the hell can anyone justify that? She sold her vote for $20 billion and lists the blood money she got for New York as one of her accomplishments. Just like she falsely claimed Libya was an accomplishment, then proceeded to throw President Obama under the bus. The thing that is really annoying about her besides her “I am anyone’s dog who will fund me and my husband’s foundation” is the way she dismisses the people (like you did while saying he does it) who support Bernie Sanders. So far your side has said, they are young and uninformed, they are not democrats and either is he, they are rude and nasty and act like Sanders is the messiah. Madeline Albright said that “there is a special place in hell for women who do not support other women.” Are you serious? So young women/millennials love Bernie because they are uninformed, Bernie Bros, don’t like women, Bernie bots are programmed that way? Here is the truth, they have done their research on both candidates and Hillary pisses them off. Millennials despise what the 1% baby boomers have done to this country. They are the generation that was anti-establishment, loved mother nature, all people and then sold their souls for the almighty dollar. Now the planet is in horrible shape, the middle class is disappearing, gentrification is wiping out people’s culture and history and when you graduate from college you have a huge loan to pay off for decades. Dismissing young feminists both male and female, fellow democrats who are appalled at what the party has become and the Independents who are the largest portion of registered voters, is something Hillary did in 2008 and is doing again and is something a good President would never do. It is also how President Obama kicked her ass in 2008. Bernie Sanders is the one that is bringing in the 18–34 year olds, the Independents and a good percentage of democrats. As far as him not getting minority voters…that is a flat out lie which you know or you haven’t been paying attention. By the way, who won Michigan?

Here is what people love about Sanders, which Hillary doesn’t have because she sold her soul long ago: He is passionate, has been a consistent advocate for the people that need it the most, he is angry about what has happened to this country and is disgusted with the eternal bullshit. Hillary is part of the problem and people do not trust her. Her saying $12/hr is a good starting point shows how out of touch she is. 15/hr isn’t even enough. The minimum wage in 1981 was $5.25. The cost of living has gone up drastically and the minimum wage has gone up $2.00? No wonder several people now live in a 1-bedroom. Great life! Read what Erin Brocovich said about why she switched to Bernie after his speech on Flint. What you claim Hillary did was already being done and Erin rightly thought that the Governor should resign and face charges…not be there to “help.” That is another thing people are tired of…no consequences. Goldman Sachs pays a $5 billion dollar fine and all of the crooks are out still wreaking havoc…look at Puerto Rico.

Finally, as a lifelong democrat I despise what is going on and am frankly shocked at how the people who support Hillary have no problem with over 60% percent of super delegates committing before the primaries started, which is unprecedented. It is also amazing how quick people are to defend the way this party has embraced the very thing they vow to fight…which is Citizens United. I see things written about all of this that frankly sound like the ethically and mentally challenged people in the g.o.p. All this time I thought they were the kings of stupid and it turns out they are not alone. “The delegate system has been in place”…”rules are rules” “The republicans are raising crazy amounts of money and we need to keep up” Bernie is not a real democrat and he hasn’t helped anyone” “Hillary says she will fight the banks. She is a pragmatist and Bernie is unrealistic” “Can you prove she has ties to the financial sector?” Not really hard when it’s right in front of you. All of these things that are said to defend a corrupt and broken party are very disturbing. The people in the party should be sticking together and demanding that the democratic party act like it is a “party for the people.” Seriously, should have to sign pledges (like they do in the g.o.p. promising to hate everyone but rich white men), declaring that they will NOT take big money, bend over for corporate lobbyists, etc…If Hillary really wanted to unite what she claims is her party, she would put aside the super delegates by denouncing the system everyone loves to say she contributed financially to (all about the money) while ignoring that there is quite a bit of payback and blind loyalty expected. She was cheating before the race was even started.