So you are the actual author of “Cracking the Coding Interview” which was mentioned in the post?
Roger Johansson

Shouldn’t the person who wrote a book on interview prep be the first person to say “doing well in interviews is really all about prep” (and, therefore, terribly flawed)?

Logically, my bias should actually be the other way around. The amount of influence I have on companies’ processes is small. My advocating for whiteboard interviews does not significantly impact the number of companies which do it.

However, every time I advocate for this process, I’m also saying that prep *isn’t* enough for many people to get offers from top tech companies. And when I talk to candidates, I tell them to admit if they get a question they’ve heard before. When I talk to companies, I tell them to not ask questions from my book.

None of these things help me. I’m actually incentivized to do the opposite. But I don’t, because I’m a fundamentally honest person.

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