I’m not empathetic in this case, you’re right.

Thank you Tyler. So, perhaps she is able to afford a bit more than she let on (or perhaps she’s afford the occasion “luxury” some other way — like a friend purchased it). Perhaps she made a few less wise financial decisions. That’s a good reason to not *agree* with her in blaming her current plight on the Yelp CEO.

Just one question: Why does that mean you can’t have compassion and empathy for her?

Personally, I agree with plenty that you’ve said. Yet, despite that “disagreement” with her and “agreement” with you, I can feel a lot of compassion for her. Those things are not mutually exclusive. I personally wouldn’t want to be her right now. Would you?

I don’t need someone to be the “perfect victim” in order to feel compassion for them. I think it’s pretty sad when so many people do need that.

Compassion and empathy are *good* things in the word, that we should all strive to have more of.

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