Again, what is the difference between what happened to her, and what happens when a pundit makes a…
Optimistic Skeptic

Two differences:

(1) Consequences should be proportionate. What did Talia do that was so incredibly terrible? She complained about minimum wage (which many of her attackers agree isn’t livable), talking up how much she’s struggling, while making bad choices? Okay… If she was lying or exaggerating, well that’s bad. She shouldn’t do that. But that just doesn’t seem like it’s bad enough to deserve the amount of hate she got. This has basically destroyed her reputation. It’s pretty vicious — way out of proportionate with what she did. Honestly, I found that Stefanie Williams’ response to Talia far more obnoxious.

(2) There’s a difference between a public figure and a private individual. (not a fine line, but a distinction nonetheless) because:

(a) A public figure *opted into* this life.

(b) A public figure has more support around them and is generally a bit more immune to the attacks.

(c) A public figure is less likely to have their reputation permanently tarnished by something they say. They already had a public reputation. A single remark doesn’t define their public reputation, unlike a private individual.

But fyi — when people do attack public figures for one stupid little comment, I also often object to that. It depends on the situation. Trump’s are intentional and consistent. He’s not a victim, getting caught off-guard or making a single unrepresentative mistake and then having everything he’s ever done brought out onto display.

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