The satirical article we’re discussing is mocking the process that went wrong on so many levels…
Anthony Prizmich

What a lovely pattern we have here.

Woman disagrees with the point of a piece of satire, and specifically starts off with saying they she understands the humor? She just can’t take a joke. She should go buy a book on humor! Lol.

Woman responds to disagree with the insults thrown at her, and her response is significantly less aggressive than the original comment? Whoa, she’s being SO aggressive. How dare she say anything other than “I respectfully disagree!”

Woman says something that reflects her professional experience, but in no way does she even mention some line of business? She is *totally* trying to promote this line of business that she never even mentions. Oh, and that’s also a big issue if she were because we all know she shouldn’t self-promote.

Now, I can’t say for sure that you’re being sexist. It does nicely match up with typical sexist behavior, but maybe you’d act this way towards everyone. What I can say is that your comments are significantly off base and have limited foundation in reality.

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