How to Succeed in School Without Stress
 Stay Centered and Ace Tests

I’d like to add your experiences and suggestions for how to succeed in school for a book for students. The contents so far:
 Part 1 Student Experiences and Study Suggestions 
 Students Describe Homework and Test Pressures
 How to Achieve Your Goals
 Study Tips
 Writing Essay Exams and Research Papers by Stephen Tchudi 
 Oral Reports
 Making Your Brain Work for You
 Coping with Learning Disabilities
 Time Management

Part 2 Coping with Stress
 Other Causes of Stress for Youth: Relationships, Poverty, and Health
 The Physiology and Causes of Stress
 Stress Reduction: Breath, Bilateral Balance, Balance the Meridians and Acupressure Points, Brain Gym Exercises for Balancing, Movement and Self-Massage, How to Relax, Self-Talk, Restructuring Your Thinking, Understanding Our Subpersonalities and Emotions, Visualization Exercises to Clear Emotional Blocks, Visualizations to Reduce Stress

Part 3 Other Issues that influence School Success
 Happiness, Feeling Good About Yourself, Coping with Anxiety, Perfectionism, Being a Sensitive Person, Anger, Worry and Guilt, Depression, School and Stress Cause Fatigue: How to Have More Energy

Part 4: Education in Various Countries
 Biographies of the international students who added their tips to this book.

Please email your suggestions and experiences to gkimball at csuchico dot edu