You Can’t Sail If You Never Leave the Harbor
Chad Grills

Great article Chad. During our son’s second semester in college he decided to enjoy life instead of taking his classes serious. My husband and I told him that was fine, but if he wanted to go back to school that Fall, he would have to earn enough money to pay for his classes and living expenses. The choice was his. He found a job loading pallets with two liter drinks — not with a fork lift, but strength lift. That experience, as well as persevering to become an Eagle scout with only a two year timeframe, have formed the man he is today. And yes, he did complete college. After watching 30 and 40 year olds loading pallets of drinks to earn enough to get buzzed and party, he decided that was not what he wanted to become. He paid for the Fall semester, ate a ton of peanut butter and ramen noodles, worked in the college’s cafeteria to supplement what he made during the summer, and performed well in some pretty intense classes. We helped him complete his degree after this, but he continued to work in the cafeteria, and decided to go year round until he finished school. Those life lessons can be character building lessons for life. And yes, I did cry many nights during that Fall semester knowing he was subsisting by the skin of his teeth. But, I wouldn’t change anything for the lessons he learned.

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