When You’re Stuck Mentally, Move Physically
Srinivas Rao

Sure walking is a fun way to “get up and move around”, but IMHO, there’s an EVEN MORE FUN way to “get away from it all”, because it’s a even FASTER way to move around…and it’ll save NOT ONLY save one’s sanity, but ALSO SAVES THE PLANET (CLUE ALERT: there’s NO gasoline or EVEN BATTERIES needed!), as well! Let ME tell you what it is…my FAVORITE form of exercise (although I may NOT always “feel like getting ‘a round tuit’ ” (pun intended!))…consider now, if you will…THE EVER HUMBLE, EVER TRUSTY “IRON STEED”, “DANDY-HORSE”, OR “VELOCIPEDE” (call it whatever you want, but let’s call it by the “most obvious name of all”)…THE BICYCLE!!! Now that “the cat is out of the bag”, so to speak, my advice to YOU all is…”READ IT…LEARN IT…LIVE IT!!!” ‘Nuff said. Thank you, and take care! :-)

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