Why don’t introverts break laws?
Marc Cenedella

Nice study, but nothing you didn’t expect to find I imagine. I’m too happily retired to do the research, but I am curious, did you check to see if the crime component of the study was an original construct? For example, I am vaguely familiar with a study that shows that introverts are far more likely to commit cyber-crime than are extroverts. In another study (criminology, I think) it was found that introverts were far more likely to confess to a crime than were extroverts, thereby skewing results.

Maybe I am misunderstanding the purpose of your study. Maybe it is merely to point out that extroverts are more likely to get drunk, grab ass and go wild in public and at frat parties. In that case your research may be original. Still, it could have been inferred and supported by existing research that goes back an awfully long way I think.