An Open Letter to Donald Trump
Rubi Nicholas

Your letter to Mr. Trump is a very enjoyable read. Unlike the other responders, I tend to lean more toward Trump’s assertions regarding immigration. We have a lousy immigration system that needs to be fixed. Legal immigration could and should be more fluid and functional. Why is that racist or narrow minded?

Illegal immigration must be stopped as it cannot be controlled or fixed or whatever. This process does require a wall of some sort. Trump is correct. We do need to at least make an effort to send people home who are here illegally — everybody else does. If an illegal is making a positive contribution to the US and is here illegally, that might be a consideration on their application for citizenship. How is that racist or narrow minded?

We do need to find a way to vet the folks coming in from Syria and the rest of the Middle East. Until then, we stop them from coming as Trump has said. Look at what is going on in Sweden, Denmark, Germany, parts of England, Austria, Belgium and other places in Europe as they allow wholesale migration of Syrians and other Muslim migrants. It’s unfortunate that he and others including myself feel the need to accuse and single out “Muslims” as the villains, but Muslims are the population from which the sample is drawn. The terrorists that are bombing, shooting and knifing people throughout the world are not Catholics, Methodists, Jews or Buddhists; they are Muslims.

I grew up in a community with a lot of Lebanese Catholics and one of them is still a very close friend. Many of his family members have felt bias because of their appearance. It sucks. It shouldn’t have to happen. You and other reasonable Muslims are the only ones who can do anything about it.