Gay Ireland

Sexual orientation, or homosexuality in Ireland is accepted boldly in Ireland. The all-party support given to the Civil Partnership Bill in 2010 brought legal recognition to the same-sex relationships and then marriage in 2015. This is a very common scene to see Gay Ireland couples walking freely holding each other’s hand in public. These gay scenes can be noticed in the towns and villages of Ireland, where same-sex couples are mingling without any shame or fear of harassment. This is the reason that a lot of LGBT tourists have been visiting cities of Ireland. provides local, regional and national Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered (LGBT) community a great networking framework to meet and confidently participate in the positive social change. This website provides the information related to LGBT shops, bars, restaurants, events, cultural programs, clubs, and activities. helps to find an ideal meeting place offering free gay Ireland dating for older gay men or women, gay or lesbian seniors and young people. is a safe, friendly and informative environment with special search features. This platform helps to search any of the gay Ireland events across the country. The visitors can easily access all the upcoming festivals, entertaining events and much more information all at one place. The detailed information about the particular event will be provided on this website.

The gay Ireland community across Ireland has great opportunities to embrace safe and fun services. These services help recognize their rights and participate in the positive transformation of the society. The LGBT young people have a chance to advocate and campaign their voice for the respect of the LGBT community in the society. So, there is no shortage of educational programs, clubs or social groups that facilitate gay youth through exploration and development.

Furthermore, through these regular events & festivals gay Ireland community has the opportunity to get engaged with society while developing the ability to define their position. They also gain awareness and ways to eradicate the inequalities facilitated in many institutes or work places. The youth participation and collaboration of various organizations nationally or internationally supporting LGBT work to bring change in the society.

Visit to browse rates, address, map, date & time of the upcoming gay events in the Ireland. Plus, this site welcomes the club, bars or group members, to get listed on this site for free of cost. The new events are added everyday, so browse now to find a place to meet other gay people.

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