“Smart” Alarm Pill Bottle

The Problem

My Solution

My Design Process

  • Arduino Uno
  • Small breadboard
  • Jumper wires
  • 10 Ω potentiometer
  • 220 Ω resistor
  • 16x2 LCD screen
Iteration 1, Phase 1: hardware setup
Itereation 1, Phase 2: screen printing issues
  • Elegoo Uno (off-brand Arduino Uno)
  • Large breadboard
  • Wires (to replace jumpers in breadboard -to-breadboard connections)
  • Male to female rainbow jumper wire strip
  • 10 Ω potentiometer
  • Pin headers (for each pin on the screen)
  • 16x2 LCD screen
Iteration 2: the screen and buzzer both work!
  • Small buzzer
  • More wires
Inside of pill bottle
Interior bottle cap design
The completed prototype
Prototype Demo

Computational Thinking Skills




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