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Got to the part about the coins and stopped reading. Confirmation bias. If you have a victim mentality you will always see yourself as a victim given the opportunity. Many retail staff insist you put the coins on the counter so they are easier to count, and some just don’t like touching everyone who walks into the shop (regardless of race). If an Asian retail clerk insisted I put the coins on the counter, I won’t think “it’s because I’m a different race to her”, assuming I’m some kind of victim is not what jumps to mind. The very fact you remember this particular incident so vividly means it’s not common. There are a wide variety of people in the world, some are racist, some aren’t, some are spoiled brats, some aren’t. Writing a post saying all people with white skin as the same is actually racist, how well do think it would go down if I wrote a post about “the problem with Blacks”…?

I meet white South Africans all the time, there are a lot of them in Asia, they all left because 1) they are intelligent enough to get a job overseas and 2) South Africa’s affirmative action laws prevent them from getting jobs at home. Being forced to leave your home country because there’s a law stipulating that as your skin is this colour you are not permitted to work in this job… that’s not racist?

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