What Kind Of Diver Are You?

The underwater world hold many wonders, with more than 70% of the planet’s surface being water it’ s no surprise that there is a great variety in experiences and sights to be had. Each time I step from a boat or walk from the shore I’m greeted with so many different sights and I enjoy every one of them.

Not everyone agrees with me, some are more drawn towards wreck or coal, some prefer caverns and caves. While conducting an IDC some of the candidates started talking about their different diving experience and some had dives the same places at the same time. It was interesting for me to hear their overall impressions of the same place while on the same dive and what their individual motivations were for each of the dives.

A couple in particular stood out in their review of the dive and clearly what they were focused on as their secondary objective for each dive (of course every diver is taught the primary objective of every dive is to return safely).

One spoke of the majesty of the dive, the beautiful scenery and the excitement of possible pelagic encounters while her buddy recounts the huge variety of macro and critters and how the contrasting sand allowed him to view the details more effectively.

I’d never really taken the time to reflect on it much but now after hearing such passion for the specifics of each of their views of the exact same dive I realised I was a bit of a Jack of all trades as I liked all these things equally and would subconsciously shift my focus to the highlights of every dive without any predetermined expectation beforehand; I’d even enjoyed toying with balance and propulsion techniques during dives with limited visibility, happy just floating along.

I guess I would be a pretty decent buddy for almost everyone but it struck me that some divers would be much happier with a buddy of the same level of their chosen passion. So what kind of diver are you?

We ran a little workshop during that and the following IDC and came up with some broad groupings. Feel free to add more if you think of any.

Are you a scenic diver? Enamoured by the vastness of the underwater landscape and taking to time to adore the topographical wonders of the big picture before you.

Are you a devil for the details? Long silences in trim reflecting on the mystery of the macro world and the wonder of the symbiotic array across the sand.

Are you colour orientated? In awe of the contrasting and vibrant blues, oranges, yellows and purples of the countless fish and corals.

A Pelagic pleasure seeker perhaps? If it ain’t big, ain’t interested. Watching Whales and Whalesharks. Marvels with Mantas. The majesty of the Mola Mola.

Could you be a hardware head? Do you have the lust for rust? If it used to float should we take you to it?

These are but a few light hearted examples but identifying the types of divers you are in contact with will help provide better customer experience and avenues to continued diving education and travel experiences.

Listen out for key phrases during post dive run troughs and other dive settings and you may find yourself creating incredible experiences for your students in the future by building the links between training and experience and make them a more complete diver. The buddy you always want to have by your side.

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