The devastating effect of Air Pollution, Is it necessary for an Air Purifier?

Gaurav Bhardwaj
Feb 20 · 2 min read

20th Century was dedicated to the industrialisation and globalisation. Many of the things were invented and that made our life easier. But despite decades of progress, the air quality across the globe started to decline over the past few years. The Air Quality Index of big cities starts deteriorating. Air Pollution is more concentrated in urban areas where higher population density and industrialisation. But it also indirectly affects rural areas.

According to the study, Air pollution kills more than 7 million people every year. This is very dangerous to newborn babies, pregnant women, people suffering from respiratory diseases.

Industrial Air Pollution

We are still more concern about outdoor air pollution but sometimes the indoor air is more polluted. We spend most of the day under the roof. The air which we are inhaling must be clean. There are modern Air Conditioners which have PM filters can help to remove airborne particles from the air. Although it is recommended to install a good Air Purifier for your home or offices if the Air Quality Index of your area is bad.
There are also many best practices to reduce the effect of indoor air pollution.

  • Plant more trees — Trees clear our surroundings by eliminating carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • Change your clothes, remove your shoes immediately after entering the house. Our clothes and shoes accumulate pollen, dirt, smokes etc from the surroundings.
  • Get rid of mould — Always check your shower area, bathroom, garden for unwanted mould. Moulds emits spores into the air which is harmful to human health.
  • Regularly wash your curtains, mats and beddings to reduce the dust from the house
  • Keep your pet clean, bath them regularly, wipe their paws etc.
  • Avoid indoor smoking.
  • Always prefer clean and clear cooking fuel.
  • Always switch off unnecessary electrical appliances.
  • Avoid any hard chemicals, strong fresheners inside the house.
  • Wear a mask whenever necessary.

Awareness of Indoor Air Pollution is much essential. You can check the live status of the Air Quality Index of your here. If it is on a warning level then its time to install an Air purifier in your home.

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