The devastating effect of Air Pollution, Is it necessary for an Air Purifier?

Industrial Air Pollution
  • Plant more trees — Trees clear our surroundings by eliminating carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen to the atmosphere.
  • Change your clothes, remove your shoes immediately after entering the house. Our clothes and shoes accumulate pollen, dirt, smokes etc from the surroundings.
  • Get rid of mould — Always check your shower area, bathroom, garden for unwanted mould. Moulds emits spores into the air which is harmful to human health.
  • Regularly wash your curtains, mats and beddings to reduce the dust from the house
  • Keep your pet clean, bath them regularly, wipe their paws etc.
  • Avoid indoor smoking.
  • Always prefer clean and clear cooking fuel.
  • Always switch off unnecessary electrical appliances.
  • Avoid any hard chemicals, strong fresheners inside the house.
  • Wear a mask whenever necessary.




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Gaurav Bhardwaj


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