After working late in the lab, i realized i have to go back to my hostel all alone. I usually put my headphones on so that i can enjoy the way back. As they say “Music helps us to escape time”. But this time i hesitated. I preferred walking all along the path alone just feeling the cold breeze on my face. I realized the exquisiteness of the place i live and how badly i’m going to miss it. Yes, These are the last few days in my college.The most serene place i could ever get. Amidst of Himalayas, the place is located in North-Eastern part of India which is famous for its nature and greenery. It threw a lot of surprises for me in last four years.

Four years back i came here as a grief-stricken kid who had to go through a lot to be here. I started the life here with a lot of expectations. As expected i tried, i fell, i got up, i failed, i succeeded and finally grew up into a strong individual whom i always looked up to. Today when i realize how the time flew i understand the value of it. The feeling right now, right here is just void.

“Sometimes you will never know the value of something,until it becomes a memory.”


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