My companion

I remember the first time I met you, you sat pretty well atop that white box

I held unto you, I perceived you, rubbing my nose on your head, trying to make out your odour

Your brightness brought light into my life, you’ve helped me up when I fell, even when you fall, you’ve stand by me

Strong and beautiful ever

While you grow, old age make you slackened, you tarried in your activities, not as fast as you once were.

You are old and gray, there were times I thought leaving you, you began to look ugly, but your scent remains so strong in my head I remember old times.

There is nothing I will give in exchange of you, I will keep you away from prying eyes, in sanctuary where no harm will come to you.

You’ve made me evolve, memories I have shared with you, friends that I have made through you and love that I have found through you, I will never forget.

My beautiful white Nokia, my ever companion.