When I went from designing apps to running a startup

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We all want to look back and feel proud of our lives.

Here I was — one of the millennials, trying to figure out what to do with my life, pretty much like everyone else.

Having started at 15 — from a digital freelancer to joining a startup as an engineering intern to become a product designer and joining one of the largest tech cos on the planet — I’ve had an unconventional career trajectory.

Last year, me and my co-founder, Sumit, started a company called — Procol, with our first product launch — AgriBid.

Our product helps consumer food companies optimize their $Ms worth of procurements. …

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Photo by Levi Morsy

Last year, I visited a small district called Alwar, in the state of Rajasthan, India where 100s of farm traders rushed in to sell their consolidated cotton produce.

What I was seeing were live physical auctions where bidders came in to take trade positions for raw commodities — like a spot exchange.

Agriculture is one of the largest sectors in India. With over 600M Indians dependent directly on agriculture sector contributing over ~17% of India’s GDP.

World’s second largest producer of food grains, fruits, and vegetables, IBEF estimates that the processed food market in India is estimated to touch $482 Billion by next year. …

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Last year, I met with two of India’s richest men who created companies worth billions of dollars. I observed a particular question that they both asked me.

What do you read?

They didn’t mean in terms of books.

They were looking for my sources of information. They were looking to know what the next gen is reading every day. What’s their mental food.

I felt guilty of not having any such special sources. I thought — if information is a click away from anyone, how can one stand out?

The sources of information are infinite but the excellent ones are rare. …


Gaurav Baheti

Building Procol.in • Previously at Google, Zomato ⚡️

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