Missionary Trip to Peru

The favela-like city of Cuzco sprawls across a huge valley in Peru. The missionary group “Bouquet of Light” travels to Peru twice a year in May and October to perform charity works and learn about Peruvian culture.

Peru exists as a balance between the ancient and the modern, with the still standing stone blocks of Incan buildings lining narrow roads that mopeds and tourists now use. Peru’s struggle to maintain this balance is where Bouquet of Light hopes to help.

Bouquet of Light often performs charity work for local communities such as this one in Maras, a small village just south of the Moray Incan site. Bouquet of Light interpreter and guide, Mira(right center with white hat), explains their group’s purpose while giving out fruit and sandwiches during a charity project at the nearby site.

The Bouquet of Light missionary group climbs out of one of the Incan rings at the Moray site after collecting trash around the site. This site, like many other sites in Peru, suffers from incredible volumes of tourists each day.

Mira (left) calls to the other members of the missionary group across a plank bridge in Maras. The hike between the Moray site and the village spans 6 miles of mountainous terrain.

On the final day in Maras, a local festival occurs to remember a famous battle between Peru and Chile, known as the Battle of Angamos. The village becomes lively with musicians and local schools arriving to take part.

The missionary group sadly does not stay for the festival, but instead, much like this local llama, returns back to Cuzco to rest after a long day’s work. The next day will mark the departure for the group’s second annual trip.

The final view of Cuzco from the international airport while the Bouquet of Light missionary group awaits the plane back to America. The group will return again to do more work and for a longer stay next summer.