Or how we pivoted from a services company to
a SaaS company in 18 months.

Nearly 2 years ago, in June 2013, Zauber released Flowics to the market and was accepted into the selected group of companies in the Twitter Certified Program. It’s been an amazing journey and I couldn’t be happier with our achievements so far. In 18 months, we pivoted from a services-based company to a SaaS technology company. On this post, I want to share this experience with you, both as an entrepreneur and as the startup CEO.

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Flowics was started and built within a special area, known as the “Lab”, at Zauber, the software development company I co-founded 7 years ago together with Juan, Mariano, Martin, Andres and Fernando. For 5 years, we ran a very healthy business, based on the provision of high-end software development services. By the beginning of 2012, our services business was doing great, but we felt that we needed something more to make a real impact as entrepreneurs. …


Gabriel Baños

Entrepreneur. Founder of Zauber. CEO & Founder at Flowics

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