Progression Gives Hope

I have hope for the world.

I believe that even despite what craziness may exist in our world today, that humanity has progressed forward. Despite momentary set backs there is a plan of redemption in place.

While many believe that culture and society are spiraling away from God’s grace, I have hope that today we are all better than we where yesterday, a year ago, 100 years ago, etc.

I fear that there is little understanding of what the “Good Old Days” actually represent. When slogans like “make america great again,” are spouted by politicians there is a true disconnect between actual history and nostalgia. We can’t be controlled by what we think we know and allow those constructed realities stop us from moving the banner forward.

The march of progression is a good thing. We need to embrace the change for good. I hope tomorrow I am a better person than I am today. I hope in a year my city is better than it is today. I hope my great grandchildren don’t have to live in state of our current world, but live in a world that has progressed so far forward that it is better than any of us could imagine.

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