Save 3 days of your dev life — Date picker — Multi Field Validation — Angular.js $validators (working solution)

Date Picker — If all you want is to add date picker to your app — get it here ☺

Invalid State — Multi-field

Valid State — Multi-field

Working Date picker here — Plunker

The Problem

  1. You DO NOT want to use a regular date-picker — example
  2. You want to roll your own ☺
  3. You have fields that depend on other fields to be valid (multi-field)
  4. You want to save you ngModel — since $validators fails — ngModel becomes undefined

The Solution for undefined ngModel

See links below — and read them first

Explanation: Once the $validators pipeline fires — the ngModel = undefined, by design — see

So what can I do:

  1. Force values using JQuery — Nathan posted here
  2. Use $formatters & $pharsers directive — by andrezero
  3. Our method: Pass values back to scope once before $validators pipeline fires

Libraries used,,


Working Plunker

If this was helpful, leave a comment and I will create a quick video and walk you through the solution. Otherwise, best have fun with multi-validation. I also heard that is cool — so check it out, it may solve this problem nicely.