One of Nike’s ads with the headline of “ MAKE YOURSELF Fit” is for women who are active or who want to become active. This is a very persuasive ad because it talks about making yourself fit. In the body copy it talks about what the shoe does for you and how benficial it is. This ad also has very superior visual appeals for expample the lighting. It is very light on her calf muscle which makes you look there first and it shows you how muscular she is. The next visual appeal is arrangement. After seeing her calf you go to the headline, her leg and down to the body copy. This is the perfect way to tell the story of the ad and what it is all about. This is a very effective ad because wanting to be fit is a very important feeling to most women.

This ad describes different emotional appeals in different ways. The primary appeal is autonomy, which goes along with being yourself and your self determination. Autonomy is the main appeal for obvious reasons for example, in the body copy it says “head-turning unstoppable you.” Its all about you in this ad. It makes you feel like you can do whatever you want in this pair of nikes. This goes along with the next emotional appeal which is the need to achieve. You can accomplish and achieve anything and everything you want. These shoes will you bring you everything. The psychologist that goes with this add is Carl Jung because of the story that is told in this ad. This ad is about a woman who is wearing the new Nikes and she is making herself fit. These shoes make everything possible, which makes this ad so effective.

In addition, the target audience for this ad is women who are trying to become fit. We notice that because this is a Nike shoe made for women and the headline and body copy both talk about making yourself get fit. Which means that the ladies wearing these shoes are fit or becoming fit while wearing them. Going along with the headline and body copy there is a USP (unique selling proposition) which is “GET FIT” the sayings about getting fit is all over the ad so it really sticks with you. This is effective because these saying are going alone with the image that is shown in the ad. The image is of a woman running in her shoes with her defined calf muscle. When you think of these shoes you will think of the Get Fit saying and then of a fit body which will encourage you to do the right thing which is buy the shoes and be fit.

The message sent in this ad has a huge impact on women wearing this kind of shoe. By wearing this shoe you feel on top of the world. This is important for women, because all they want to do is be the best and wearing these shoes mean they can achieve anything. The positive encouragement from this ad makes these Nike shoes seem like a self esteem booster and makes it a very reasonable buy.