Paroled Gang Member vs California Police Officer

Earlier today, February 20th, two Whittier California officers reported to a car accident. When they arrived to the multiple car crash both officers walked up to the driver, a tattooed parolee gang member, who caused the accident. The officers told the man to get out and once he did he pulled out a semiautomatic hand gun and began shooting at the officers. Officer Keith Lane Boyer was shot and killed while officer Patrick Hazel was shot and wounded. I read two articles about this story the first article was written by Fox News and the second article by Abc News After reading both articles about the story the Fox News article was better. The article talks more about the important facts such as facts about the two courageous officers that were shot to save other peoples’ lives.

In the Fox News article it starts off talking about the parolee gang member that shot his cousin after stealing his car and then who shot two police officers. The article brings up the fact that he has tattoos up his neck and all over his face he was a 26 year old man who had a history of serious crimes. The last part of the article talks about the lives of both officers. Officer Hazel was a three-year veteran and the officer who died was “the best of the best, who was sought for advice by his colleagues and superiors,” the chef said. The stacking, the order in which facts and details are presented in the article, really shows the reader what is actually important. The fact that a tattooed parolee gang member was the shooter does not have equal importance to the two innocent and strong officers that died that day. Fox news wants us to remember the two officers not the gang member.

In the ABC News article it starts off talking about the two officers in the accident and then the accident itself. This article mainly talks about what happened on February 20th and about the man who caused the accident and all of those deaths. This article is not all bad though. One of the last things said is a very positive statement which hopefully sticks with the reader. “ Boyd- was remembered as positive and energetic” according to Chief Jeff Piper. This article tries to make a point to remember the fallen officer but not as much as the Fox News article. One thing that Abc News did much better than Fox News was the images they selected, Fox only showed a picture of the stolen car, but Abc had a video with many different officers showing the important loss of one of the partners and a picture from the scene of the accident.

Overall both News sources tell exactly what happened and the readers are able to understand everything very clear. Both articles use sourcing, the people interviewed and directly quoted for the article, very well. They both use quotes from the officers chief which really shows the importance of the man injured and dead. This makes both articles very good, but the Fox News is just a little better because of the placement of the facts and how in depth they go. That small difference changes the readers perspective on the story and the writer in a negative or positive way. Fox News was able to show tell us about the man who caused all the incidents and the importance of the officers in the shooting which is more important. Which is why they put it at the end so there is a much higher chance of remembering.

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