SharePoint online does not let you create a record and attach a file to it at the same time. You need to do the following tasks to create a new item in a SharePoint online list:

  • Establish the connection to the server using ClientContext
  • Prepare your record data (including list name, record title, file path of the attachment and any additional fields you need to include)
  • Create a list item using ListItemCreationInformation and fill it with the record data you prepared (except the file path).
  • Retrieve the ListItem you just created (search for it using the item id from the…

Before you can do any task in SharePoint online, you need to establish a connection from your client using ClientContext. I created a reusable method that connects to SharePoint online using simple credentials. ExecuteSharePointTask<T> will receive a generic function and will execute it after the connection is established.

In this example, RetrieveSharePointList retrieves all the lists available in your SharePoint site.

You can use it as follows:

var result = ExecuteSharePointTask(siteURL, email, password, RetrieveSharePointList);foreach (var item in result)
// Print item...

Hope you find this useful!

It’s quite simple to detect key changes in the keyboard. This can be useful to enable shortcuts that will help your users be more efficient while they work with your App.

Mixed Key Tracking

Mixed keys are often used for actions like copy, paste or cut. You’ll need to work with CoreWindow in Windows.UI.Core to track them. The following code snippet detects if the user pressed both Ctrl + C and if it does, it executes the logic in CopySelectedImageClipboard(); to copy an image to the clipboard. This piece of code can be added to the constructor of your XAML.cs file (or you…

In WWDC 2016 Apple introduced a very useful Measurement class which you can use to define units and operations with pre-defined units or creating your own. In this article I share my journey in the creation of a custom unit I used in my most recent project that required calculations using scientific units.

The Measurement class has a simple definition:

Measurement<UnitType : Unit>

Measurement is quite useful if you need to write code that handles data in different units (e.g. km or mi) and you need to do operations or conversions between units. Because most conversions and operations are already…

This is something that not many people have come across, but I’ve had the opportunity to participate in an open source project that was delivered as an agent / menu bar app in OS X using Swift and Storyboards, and would like to share my experiences during the development process. The sample source code is located here.

Real world example: Beddy Butler is a menu-bar app that helps you go to sleep earlier at night. This is a real world scenario where I used Storyboards + Swift to implement the project. …

This is a short article about my small and quick app that execute another app. If you know the Bundle identifier of the external app you want to launch, you can easily test if the app is running, and launch it using NSWorkspace.sharedWorkspace().


There are two main steps you should add to your application:

  1. You should make sure the other application is not running
  2. If it is running you can send a message to the user informing them about this, otherwise you can launch the app and send the result to the user (if required).

This is a snapshot of…

It’s been a week since I posted a question in StackOverflow and so far no one has commented or responded at all. I decided to do a bit of Research and created a simple solution that doesn’t use the first responder. You can find and download my code on github: DavidCodesOSX -> NSToolbar with Storyboards


This is what we’ve done so far since my last post:

  • Created an Xcode project in Cocoa for OS X using Swift 2 and Storyboards
  • Added a Toolbar (NSToolbar) to our NSWindowController
  • Added a Label to the child NSViewController.
  • Added a Textured Rounded Button (NSButton)…

This article is about my first challenge whilst creating an OS X app using the latest Xcode (beta 7), Swift, and trying to create an action from a NSToolbarItem to modify views in the NSViewController that is attached to the NSWindowController of the app.


I love the fact that apple has done a good job to enable developers to create OS X applications using storyboards. Storyboards are a great feature that helps you visualise the routes your app can take from screen to screen, pop up windows and segue ways that link to other view controllers, etc. They are also…

Many other developers may agree with me when I say this: Microsoft had for very long not given enough support to small teams and community developers!

My story

I’m talking as the person that started using Microsoft technologies when there was no affordability and access to the latest and most advanced tools from Microsoft and everything you required from them either for learning or implementing in your test systems at home had to be paid for.

When I started developing for Microsoft back in 2007 I felt I didn’t have much support. Some of the obstacles I had as I recall include:

This is my first blog post of the (hopefully) some many more to come! I would like to share my experiences while I do my job as a Software/Database developer as I feel that there are some things that the web or your mentors don’t teach you and you have to find out about yourself!

In this post I will write about CTEs (Common Table Expressions) which is a very nice tool from SQL Server to store temporary results set which you can use to manipulate data. I will use an example that will hopefully be closer to a real…

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