And that’s dangerous for the rest of us.

Flames and “Welcome to Hell.”
Flames and “Welcome to Hell.”
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Former Speaker of the House John Boehner recently released On the House: A Washington Memoir. In this book, Boehner reflects on his extensive political career, and spills the dirt on the wide array of political characters he worked with.

He shares observations on the rise of Trump and Trumpism, and snarks at figures like Michelle Bachman (as he should). However, he saves his harshest comments for Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who he fries in the book and in interviews and commentary he has shared since the book’s existence was made public.


And I say this as someone who loathes him

Stickers of “I Voted” message
Stickers of “I Voted” message
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Several times since the multi-faceted scandal has exploded around Representative Matt Gaetz, he has publicly stated he will not resign.

I loathe the man, and until now, I have agreed with him on nothing. However, I agree with him on this: he should not resign.

There are three reasons for this.

First, there is a chance, however slim, that Matt Gaetz did not do anything illegal. At this point, given the multiple report of his illegal drug use, the accounts of Gaetz and colleague Joel Greenberg visiting a closed tax office…

A nostalgic personal essay

train tracks heading into a curve
train tracks heading into a curve
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I get on the train in Toledo, Ohio. I have a footlocker, a suitcase, and a duffel. It is August, and I’m going to college in Texas.

I stow my big bags and find a seat, hauling my duffel after me. I’ve traveled before, with my family and school groups, but this is my first solo trip. I nod to my seat mate and wrap myself in a tight little ball, excited and afraid. I can’t wait for the next things to happen, but they are so new…I shake my head.

I look up. She’s walking…

Chinese food
Chinese food
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“I feel like we’ve seen all of this a thousand times,” Shelley said. “You know, in the movies.”

The others with her in the hospital room all nodded or murmured their agreement. They weren’t just being polite. There were countless movies featuring a lovely woman — in this case, Shelley’s sister Becca — lying motionless in a hospital bed, while her loved ones kept watch, waiting, and hoping, for her to recover from her coma.

Just like in the most sentimental movies, they had brought flowers, pictures, and gifts. Just like in the movies, they sat with their sister, aunt…

statue of Justice
statue of Justice
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As former President Donald Trump heads in to his record-setting second impeachment trial in the U.S. Senate, it is essential to remember one thing: if you are a conservative, you cannot support Donald Trump in any way, shape, or form.

Oh, don’t get me wrong. You can support Trump if you are a Republican. In fact, if you are still a member of the Republican Party now, you probably do. Before the 2020 presidential election, 89% of Republicans approved of Trump and his actions. …

A Salute to the Republican Accountability Project

People walking uphill.
People walking uphill.
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America likes winners. Oh, we cheer for the underdog, but only if they eventually come from behind and win. We don’t have much time for losers. However, I’m going to spend my time here praising a campaign of failure and futility. I’m talking about the Republican Accountability Project.

I. The Dairy Aisle

Their first encounter was less of a “meet cute” and more of a “Oh god, she caught me, how can I cover this up?”

Paul was heading down the dairy aisle when he first saw Fiona, or rather, when he first saw her ass. He mouthed a silent “damn” and slowed his cart to give himself more time to stare.

When she straightened up, both hands were full of butter. Paul realized this when she caught him staring and he needed a good cover. “Is the deal on butter that good?” he tried. …

I don’t think it will save us.

close up on the Constitution
close up on the Constitution
Photo by Anthony Garand on Unsplash

Over the last 48 hours, I’ve signed so many petitions, letters, and posts supporting the use of the 25th Amendment to remove impeached President Trump from office that I’ve lost count.

The City of Subdued Excitement.

Tunnel under a hill in Sehome HIll Arboretum. (Taken by Garth Beatty.)
Tunnel under a hill in Sehome HIll Arboretum. (Taken by Garth Beatty.)

Bellingham, Washington is 85 miles north of Seattle, Washington, and 50 miles south of Vancouver, British Columbia. I had lived in Seattle when I was younger, and moved here after graduate school.

I moved here for urban culture, thinking I’d bop down to Seattle to see friends or up to Vancouver for shows and restaurants.

Then life happened, and I got busy. And I stayed in Bellingham for violence, dogs, and love.

Bellingham’s official motto is “A Refreshing Change,” but that official saying is used so seldom that I’d literally never heard it until I…

Greg Beatty

Award-winning poet and story writer (, PhD in English, assistant pit bull, keppa to rockstars. Specialist in doughnut math.

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