My Experience in Andela Bootcamp so far

Let me start with the toughest down the easiest.

I hope to be right on time today just as i did yesterday.

Html and css held me to great ransom…It was damn tasking though cool as I was able to walk my way around it.

Bumped into creating three functions( toTwenty(), toForty(), and toOneThousand) as prototypes to an Array class which was meant to return given arrays. This was very easy until i came to an abrupt halt when i was supposed to create another prototype(d) function called search. This question was not clear at first as all tests kept failing but I did my best to make it work.

Now the easiest of all, “findmissing” ; a function meant to compare two arrays and return any element not found in the them.

So far, All tasks are good and have helped developed cognitive reasoning and better understanding and versatility of programming especially in the area of Test driven development.