Understating Weight loss.

Hi there.

Am Austine Fowobaje, a diet coach and a ketogenic expert.

This first article isn’t all about keto, but you’d surely learn most of the things you need to know. But first I need to point out the things to know before thinking of losing weight or going into any diet.

A lot of people do not understand the idea behind weight loss before starting off and this leave them half way stuck or frustrated along, they just quit, making them perceive weight loss as magic and almost impossible.

Like I’ll always say, “weight loss is so simple, and for me, if you understand or pay attention to little details, you sure going to get the best of it.

Before starting a weight loss program or any forms of dieting, you must,

1)Understand what weight loss really is, knowing this should give you some vital details on how your body works.

2) Be ready or be determined. Determination is key to everything we set to do or achieve in life, and so without it, nothing becomes possible. To lose weight successfully, you must be ready body and mind.

3)Don’t be desperate, wanting to see that scale drop drastically within a week can be heart breaking, thus leaving you frustrated and unhappy. You don’t expect the fat accumulation that took years to pile up to burn out in one week…lol.

The same pleasure you derived enjoying those unhealthy options should play in when trying to eat clean.

4) know the difference between Fat loss, liquid loss and muscle mass reduction and avoid your weighing scale … Am going to give a clearer details on those.

5) You should have a should have a strong reason/s behind losing weight, else just eat clean and stay healthy.

Knowing these little but vital details should give you a smooth ride through your journey.

Now, what is Weight loss?

Straight to it.

Weight loss is the depletion in your total body mass either due to loss of fluid, body fat, (adipose tissue) or lean mass (bone mass).

Looking at the above definition, weight loss can occur in different forms. Weight loss can occur when there’s liquid loss, fat loss or nutrients depletion from bones.

Weight loss can be unintentional due to malnutrition or other underlying diseases.

Intentional weight loss is a deliberate effort to improve a perceived overweight or obese state. This is the loss of total body mass to improve fitness, health or change in appearance(Sliming).

Key Benefits of intentional weight loss cannot be over emphasized.

Reducing health risk and improved fitness,

Delay onset of diabetes,

Reduce pain and improves better movement( people with bone issues or osteoarthritis).

The benefits of a conscious weight loss are endless , you know this already….

How does weight loss occur?

Generally, you experience a change in your weight when your body uses more energy (calories) in work and metabolism than it is from the food you eat.

This process allows your body to use up fat in the body’s fat reservoir(adipose tissues) as energy, leading to a reduction in your body mass.

Apart from calories reduction or eating less, there are other ways you can lose weight and improve your health.

On my next article , am going to show you some other ways to get those sexy shape back..

Quick tip:

Do a 3days self body check.


Decide to eat in portions.




Include veggies.

Take note of how you feel.

Day 2

Take out one meal.



Do water for lunch.

Take note as well .

Day 3

Try out just a meal and do water for the rest.

Take note also

At the end of day 3, do an evaluation.

Write down what you noticed on each days , starting from the one with the least effect on you to that with the most effect.

Feel free to share with me.

See you soon!