Acceptance of a Challenge

This week has been a great week at Andela. I got to meet different teams and departments in Andela. Everybody at Andela has been so supportive and encouraging.

The next three months of my training at Andela will consist of simulations. Most people at Andela whom I have asked about simulations always make it seem like simulation is the most difficult thing in the entire world. No matter how hard it is I know it can be done. I embrace and love Challenges. I believe a life without challenges is an empty one and the greater the challenge seems to be the greater the opportunities to excel.

The expectations for the 3-month simulations are coverage of at least 50% of the D1 Learning Outcomes, completion of checkpoint 2 and a recommendation from the learning Facilitator and Facilitation Manager.

I hope to achieve these expectations by working hard and exert all effort in everything I do. I will also ensure I Plan appropriately and complete all Projects within strict time limits. I will also ensure that I seek feedback from the learning facilitator and implement the feedback given.