Which Martial Art Is Right For Me?

There was a time when it was difficult to find a club for martial arts. There was not any awareness about the modern self defense methods that are known today. It was after when Bruce lee entered into scenario. His movies inspired people to become like him. Later other characters also promoted martial arts. Today, Chinese martial art has spread in many continents of the world.

Karate was the first type of martial art which gained popularity among large portions of the population. Later on many other forms of self-defense got prominence. But, it may not be easy to say which form of martial art is right for you. You may wonder what you should do to become someone like a martial art expert. It depends mostly on your choice. Here is overview of martial art forms and which is better for you.

  • Karate:

It is one of the earliest forms of martial arts. It can be considered as most recognized. There are many styles of karate and these are different from each other. It is a traditional martial art where you will learn respect for others. There are many organizations which after studying many styles of karate have combined this knowledge to develop their own systems. It is not good to suppose that these organizations are not doing karate anymore, they are still karate but in developed form. Karate is great for learning.


This Korean martial art is thousands of years old. But it has gotten popularity in the last twenty or thirty years. Taekwondo is based around kicking techniques. Those who learn this will also learn hand skill and self-defense.

  • Judo:

It is a modern art. It can be said more as a sport than martial art. Judo is very effective for self-defense as it teaches you how to put locks on opponent and throw. It may surprise a newbie that there are no kicks or punches in this sport.

  • Kung Fu:

Chinese martial art is available in hundreds of styles. Wing Chun is the most popular style of kung fu today. Bruce lee developed JeetKune DO after studying many styles of kung fu.

• MMA:

Origin of mixed martial arts is in Brazil. It is also called ‘cage fight’. It has become an alternative to kickboxing.

  • Choi Kwang Do

This is a Korean art which is nearer to what happens in reality on streets.

Tai Chi

It is a Chinese martial art. It is also called old people’s martial art. It teaches relaxation and meditation and focus on your inner energy.

There are many other excellent martial arts which have become victims of other modern martial arts. Akido and Hapkido are examples of such martial arts. Akidio is one of the most effective martial arts for self-defence, but it is not that popular like others.

Martial arts do not just teach self-defense, these also teach many other things. These arts teach self-control, discipline and respect. Before joining a class, it is better to have a look at all the options available.

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