To round off 2018, GBIC and Block72 had time to take a look at our footsteps and share thoughts about 2019. In this posting we have summarized the achievements of GBIC and Block72 and the driving force behind us for 2018.

Unceasing efforts to understand ever-changing technology and industry

The blockchain industry is one of the fastest-changing industries. GBIC and Block72 quickly adapted to the changes by thoroughly investigating trends in the industry, technology, and regulations and situations of each market.

For example, in last August and September, China made sudden announcements regarding its regulation on exchanges and ICO. We…

The final article concerning the state of cryptocurrency in China will provide an overall summary of the nascent industry. Whereas Part 1 closely examined the regulatory steps taken by officials to halt all cryptocurrency related activities, Part 2 scrutinized the effectiveness of such policies and the many examples of cryptocurrency involvement continuing to thrive. Part 3 will evaluate what the future holds for cryptocurrency in China and a personal opinion towards future success.

China’s Initial ICO Ban Was Reasonable and Temporary (Probably)

Following the People’s Bank of China’s (PBoC) original banning of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), there was a massive…

2018 FinTech Conference, held November 20–21 at Conrad Hotel in Seoul

Last Wednesday, GBIC and Block72’s partner Sinhae Lee participated in 2018 FinTech Conference in Seoul as a speaker and panelist. After speaking about “Trends in Key Blockchain Markets and Implications”, Sinhae joined a panel discussion under the topic, “How Blockchain Can Change the Current Financial Ecosystem”.

Interesting opinions and insights were shared at the panel, moderated by Charles Pyo of Chain Partners and participated by Sinhae along with Simon Kim of Hashed, Junhaeng Lee of, and Taewon Kim of Glosfer.

Following the first article which analyzed China’s somewhat complicated relationship with the broader cryptocurrency world, Part 2 of the series more closely examines the positive aspects emanating from Chinese cryptocurrency despite the ill-intentions from officials. Despite the supposed banning of cryptocurrency in China, the regulations have not diminished the Chinese crypto enthusiasts’ ability to not only participate in cryptocurrency-related activities, but also accumulate substantial wealth for themselves, in majority of instances.

Cryptocurrencies Continue to Thrive Despite Government Crackdown

Despite the common belief that China and cryptocurrencies are two antipodal contrary actors following the infamous banning on all crypto-related activities by…

Ever since China announced an ICO ban back in September last year, there has continued to be further antagonistic moves by the regulators towards cryptocurrency legality. Suffice to say the path so far has been far from ideal, with China being at the forefront of countries whose officials are yet to embrace cryptocurrency truly and have enforced numerous regulations to ban cryptocurrency altogether.

However, the fact remains, despite the entire negative furor by the regulators, China remains a significant player within the crypto universe, and more importantly, the bans haven’t decreased the Chinese people’s appetite for all things related crypto…

GBIC and Block72’s partner Sinhae Lee had an opportunity to sit down with Chosun Biz, an affiliation of top-tier general daily Chosun Ilbo. You can find the original article in Korean HERE.

“Top 10, 50 Projects, and 60 billion KRW”

These numbers describe GBIC, a crypto fund based in New York, Shanghai and Seoul.

Last September, GBIC has been selected as Top 10 Most Influential Crypto Fund by Chinese tech media 36kr. Others on the list include Fenbushi Capital, the China-based first crypto fund in which Vitalik Buterin was previously involved. …

There’s a unique crypto competition taking place in Asia. This isn’t generic project opportunities inviting individuals to participate for the chance to claim grand token prizes or once-in-a-lifetime allocations; there is something much greater taking place, with potentially immense opportunities arising for the crypto universe.

Countries such as Japan, Korea, Thailand, and the Philippines are entangled in a race to each build the ‘Crypto Valley of Asia’ within their own borders, along with other Asian Pacific countries, who will unquestionably enter the fray along with their cities.

High Ambitions

The goal of these countries is ambitious. Asia’s Crypto Valley is…

Despite the Korean Won being the third most traded national currency for Bitcoin and the new generation of millennials being more eager than ever to participate in the cryptocurrency, the South Korean regulators have so far had an ambivalent attitude to the crypto environment.

In a world where the new generation of millennials are helping shift the universal acceptance of societal standards and are known for having a generally more optimistic view of their futures, Korean youths seem to be much more cynical. …

GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) is an international blockchain
and cryptocurrency investment fund with offices located in U.S., China, and
Korea. We focus on furthering the development, acceleration and launch of
carefully selected, robust projects that are shaping the infrastructure of the
blockchain community. GBIC’s investment portfolio includes top global
projects such as Aelf, Cortex, Aergo, Oasis, DATA, Thunder Token, IoT Chain,
EXIM Chain as well as many others.


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