2018 FinTech Conference, held November 20–21 at Conrad Hotel in Seoul

Last Wednesday, GBIC and Block72’s partner Sinhae Lee participated in 2018 FinTech Conference in Seoul as a speaker and panelist. After speaking about “Trends in Key Blockchain Markets and Implications”, Sinhae joined a panel discussion under the topic, “How Blockchain Can Change the Current Financial Ecosystem”.

Interesting opinions and insights…

GBIC (Global Blockchain Innovative Capital) is an international blockchain
and cryptocurrency investment fund with offices located in U.S., China, and
Korea. We focus on furthering the development, acceleration and launch of
carefully selected, robust projects that are shaping the infrastructure of the
blockchain community. GBIC’s investment portfolio includes top global
projects such as Aelf, Cortex, Aergo, Oasis, DATA, Thunder Token, IoT Chain,
EXIM Chain as well as many others.


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