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Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, say their names. Three of a long list of names of black men and women who have been unjustly killed. And then there’s Christian Cooper, who fortunately we don’t have to add to that list, but easily could have. What was their crime?

Being Black.

This is going to be hard for many who read this post, but white people are responsible. Yes, we WHITE PEOPLE, and those who benefit directly from their proximity to whiteness, are all responsible. There is no them. It’s me, it’s you.


White people created these systems and we have to dismantle then. It’s well beyond the scope of this article to discuss how and why, but there is more than ample historical evidence. It started 400 years ago and has continued on to this day. It is DEEP into the fabric of our society and we are all affected. Because racism is institutionalized, going through the motions keeps it alive and well. If you question this, I’d advise you to learn. “Readings for Diversity and Social Justice” is one great book that delves deeper into the institutions. …


Glenn Block

I love building products. Serve and help others, DEI Advocate, Growth Mindset, Product@Microsoft. #BlackLivesMatter

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