A new beginning

This was my last week at Splunk. The past three years have been an amazingly wonderful experience. Splunk is a great company with a product customers love. I loved my team and the culture. Special thanks to Godfrey, Doug and the exec team for making it an awesome place. I also want to thank Paul Sanford, who brought me into Splunk, and Mark Groves, who was an excellent manager and who really helped me grow!

As I set off to my next big thing (to be announced shortly) and return to the startup world after almost 15 years, I feel now is a good time to reboot and start a new blog. With this blog I’d like to keep the content more focused on thoughts and learnings in the tech industry. This will include my experiences in shipping products, thoughts on emerging trends, working in a growing tech startup (my new home), as well as social issues in tech.

In terms of my background. I’ve been a tech geek since I was a kid. The past 20 years have been a mix of software development and product management in companies BIG and small. I have an open source life and love supporting the community and I still love to write code (though it is not my day job). I also speak frequently at various places mostly related to tech topics.

I am looking forward to taking this journey with you!

Note: I’ll still be blogging when appropriate at my old stomping grounds on Codebetter.

I love building products. Serve and help others, DEI Advocate, Growth Mindset, Product@Microsoft. #BlackLivesMatter

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