HAUNT / she watches

“i wanted to come and watch the freaks.” she said

“yeah, i get it”

so we went
drove downtown
parked three blocks down
from the hall
and walked in the night air.

“don’t you think it funny,
to see all the people,
dressed up? its like they
are on the show, prancing around,
showing off, trying hard
to stand out from the crowd.
doing their thing, 
personal camouflage.” she spat.

“not sure, I mean
they certainly look good,
don’t ya think, doing their thing?
i mean, they look cool…” conciliatory me.

we sat on a bus bench
on oak and vine
across from the hard rock cafe
cause that was where
the band was playing
and we didn’t have tickets

not that she would have gone
if we did.

“look, look,
see that guy over there?”

“uh huh.”

“i dated him for a month.
he hated to make out,
would rather listen to music.
look at him, such an asshole.” 
she could twist her face sideways
and it would still be pleasant,
sitting there
in the dark
across the street
from the hipster parade.

“okay, i get it,
uhm, right,
see that girl over there?”

“her? you dated her?”

“i think so, I mean,
she kinda looks like a girl
i used to go out with.”

the girl didn’t
but that wasn’t the point
i needed her to think
just for a moment
about what it might be like
to be with me
instead of dragging 
me halfway across town
to watch
to sit
to moan
about the end of the world
and the state of fashion
while the stars
struggled be seen
in the washed out sky.